When the zombie apocalypse arises, a person can not be more prepared than with the Nerf Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow. Great for backyard play or stalking corporate zombies, this bow stands ready to deliver the fun. Excellent range and real bow action combine to make this bow a must have for taking down the creeping dead. With an ammo capacity of 4 darts, this futuristic looking crossbow will make anyone the envy of other zombie hunters.

Setting at the top of the Zombie Strike series, it is one of the two crossbow style dart guns in the Nerf lineup. The other crossbow weapon is the Nerf Rebelle Guardian Crossbow. Compared with the Guardian Crossbow, the Zombie Strike Bow offers a more intimidating design and can use different darts, where as the Guardian is limited to a specific type. This gives the Zombie crossbow more flexibility with reloading.

The Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow has a range of 75 feet, making this one of the longer ranged Nerf weapons. Of course this crossbow packs a punch, which is why it is rated for 8 year old or higher. With 4 darts at the ready and its long range, this bow can easily engage far off zombies accurately and be reloaded before the others get too close.

One great feature of the Zombie Strike Crossbow is the ability to be modded. The futuristic design applies itself well to cosplay activities or just playing with friends. This same design can be painted with a science fiction scheme, to enhance the look of the bow. Thus adding a bold and functional prop to any costume or collection.

The Crossfire bow is a awesome addition to any arsenal. The realistic crossbow action and solid trigger pull gives the impression of a real crossbow. The futuristic look only enhances the feel of the Zombie Strike bow. With the flexibility to handle different darts, the Crossfire keeps the fun going. In conjunction with the longer range, this gives the Nerf warrior the perfect tool for taking out the undead.