The Nerf Magnus Blaster Joins the Fight Against Zombies

The Nerf Zombie Strike ZED Squad Magnus Blaster is both a mouthful and also part of Nerf’s new ZED Squad line. An offshoot of their successful Zombie Strike line, the ZED Squad line focuses on reintroducing classic Nerf guns with a Zombie Strike repainting. The ZED Squad Magnus Blaster is sold as a set, each package contains both an orange and blue blaster and a compliment of 6 Mega Darts, the same sort of dart used with other members of the ZED Squad line.

The Magnus Blaster is one of the few pistol shaped blasters to use the Mega Dart. This does mean that it has a bit more range and strikes with a bit more force than most other Nerf pistols of similar prices. However, the Mega Dart also is quite a bit bulkier, meaning fewer shots in a Nerf battle. Additionally, Mega Darts are more expensive than the standard Nerf Elite Dart yet just as fragile, making replacements more costly. The blaster itself, however, is quite sturdy and has crisp trigger and slide action.

The Magnus Blaster has a 3 dart internal magazine. Chambering a new dart is done manually by pulling back on the spring-action slide. Many owners report that the Magnus Blaster is quite reliable, but should the slide jam, there is a manual release button to unjam the blaster, a rather thoughtful inclusion. The packaging lists the maximum range as 85 feet, but many report that the range is closer to 60 feet. And as with most Nerf dart firing blasters, accuracy is inconsistent beyond about 25 feet.

Lastly, for those folks that enjoy repainting their Nerf weapons, the shape of the Magnus Blaster is superbly suited for sci-fi motifs. The oversized chamber and slide are reminiscent of guns from sci-fi classics, most notably the Lawgiver from Judge Dredd or the Ares Predator from the cyberpunk staple Shadowrun.