Whether you only have a few Nerf guns or enough to supply a small army, many Nerfers wonder at some point how to organize and store their arsenal. After all, leaving Nerf guns and ammo all over the place not only looks cluttered, but too often results in them getting accidentally stepped on, knocked over, or chewed on by a pet. Since Nerf darts suffer greatly when crushed, having them scattered is a great way to ruin your ammo supply quickly.

Nerf storage is not easy, especially when you have a ton of guns or if you have many big ones, like Stampedes and Longshots. Here are some common ways many Nerfers choose to store their Nerf arsenals.

In Bins, Bags, and Boxes

Extremely common for those with limited space, storing your Nerf gear in plastic Rubbermaid bins, gallon Ziploc bags, and/or good old cardboard boxes fulfills the basic purpose of storage: getting it all together in one place and out of the way. Most big blasters will fit in a bin or box, while plastic baggies help keep things like darts from disappearing. If you only need your arsenal once a while, you could even store away some of the lesser-used equipment in a Westchester self storage unit (or one where you live) so that they don’t clutter up the house. This way, you can get them back anytime you need them while making more space around your home.

Fairly economical, the only drawbacks of this type of storage is that your Nerf blasters cannot be seen in their full glory, they might get a bit scratched up when piled into a container, and you have to rummage through your collection each time you want to use a particular gun. And if appearances matter to you, it also doesn’t look particularly cool.

Dedicated Bookshelves/Closet Shelves

Some Nerfers dedicate entire bookshelves or closets to storing their Nerf arsenal. Cheap Ikea bookshelves can help you line up and display your weapons and accessories while still keeping them organized, while closet storage can be useful for those of us who know things we attempt to display on shelves will just get cluttered real fast.

However, both bookshelves and closets tend to fill up quickly and take up a lot of room, which can be really problematic for those living in small apartments. It’s also difficult to exhibit your awesome load out if it’s all jumbled into a closet, while a bookshelf arsenal has to compete for space with books and other things.

Inside Dresser Drawers or On Flat Surfaces

For those with a lot of space (or who don’t mind being surrounded by blasters at all times), storing your Nerf gear inside dressers or on flat surfaces is an option. Dresser drawer storage has the benefit of being concealed and out of sight, yet readily available. If you have a lot of Nerf guns however, dressers filled with blasters aren’t very space efficient or easy to show off.

Displaying your blasters on flat surfaces means that your arsenal is on display and always within reach. Nerfers have stored their guns on top of dressers, desks, kitchen counters, bunk beds, refrigerators, and many more locations. However, this method can be cluttered, increases the risk of your arsenal getting damaged, and will drive any other people living with you crazy.

How do you store your Nerf arsenal? Let us know in the comments!