There truly is nothing more accurate than a pistol when you are in close quarters. It there is a zombie quickly creeping toward you and you only have one shot, you want it to be from the barrel of a pistol. You’ll have clear aim, and you won’t have to worry about the weapon misfiring or spraying the round above the living dead’s head. Instead, you just need to cock back the firing hammer, aim, and pull the trigger. The design of the weapon gives off a bit of a steampunk resemblance, with the almost futuristic look to the gun, yet it still has that old fashioned, classic western look. It is oversized for just a traditional military or western weapon, so you should have fun with the gun in your arsenal.

When it comes to a paint job, You can go with a black and a deep maroon and purple. Almost think of Johnny Depp’s version of Willy Wanka decided to walk around with a two-shot pistol and that would be exactly what you have. This way, it is perfect for any sort of situation you have. Whether you are planning on using it for a zombie cosplay or you want to completely retrofit it for something else.

The pistol fires out two darts, with one positioned right under the other. This way, you are able to fire off two quick shots in succession. Perhaps that zombie just doesn’t go down after the first shot, or perhaps there is a second zombie coming up behind you. Regardless of the situation you are in or where the zombies are located, as long as you are in close quarters, the Nerf Zombie Strike Doublestrike is an excellent zombie killing weapon always at your disposal.

The Zombie Strike Doublestrike is a nice little piece that you can add as a sidearm for your cosplay design, and due to the oversized, yet original feel to the gun, you can really take it to the next level with that nice steampunk look. Of course, if you are still going for that old west look, you can just paint it all a matte gray.