Water guns have been a favorite commodity among families and college students for years. They provide a safe, tactical way to have fun. Friends can host massive water battles or compete to shoot targets with their blasters. Nerf has been one of the leading manufacturers of water guns, and they have come out with a new model that is bound to sell: the Super Soaker Tidal Tube.

This gun operates using a simple piston pump system. The user loads the gun by holding it underwater and pushing the tube outwards. To fire, the spout simply needs to be pulled back. The Tidal Tube features a capacity of 10 ounces of water and a firing range of about 25 feet. It sports a unique look, similar to that of a shotgun: a long, slender barrel with a plastic handle at the base. There is no trigger, which makes it an easy toy to use.

The blaster is a mid-quality water gun compared to others of the Super Soaker series. Lower quality blasters have smaller ammo capacities but about the same firing distance. The Electrostorm, for instance, can fire up to 25 feet away but can only carry around 5 ounces of water, so it would be considered a lower class gun. Upper class Super Soakers, like the Hydro Cannon, have larger capacities and longer blast distances. Because the Tidal Tube has medium water capacity and average firing range, it is a middle class blaster.

Other mid-quality water guns tend to have similar features. The Shotwave, a middle class Super Soaker, operates on a piston pump system as well. Its carrying capacity is the same as that of the Tidal Tube, topping out at 10 ounces. However, these guns differ chiefly in their appearance: the Shotwave looks like a handgun, while the Tidal Tube looks like a shotgun.

This addition to the Super Soaker series is a great buy for anybody looking to have harmless, strategic fun with their friends. Its average size and range allows for most people to enjoy it, regardless of their preferred style of water gun play.