When it comes to outdoor fun Nerf is a leader of toys that will get your child up and outside enjoying hours of action-packed fun but even adults can’t resist this great one. Nerfs line of water toys is ideal for warm days of raging soaking battle for anyone. Water-war fun takes on new life with the Nerf Super soaker Scatterblast.

This action filled toy is the king of super soaker blasters with a streamlined design that allows you to run quick and sneak up on your opponent to drench them quicker than they can say “Nerf!. This super soaker has super blasting capabilities and can hit a mark 25 feet away. Now that is the way to go the distance and have someone dripping before they can get a stream to touch you. Your child or you will enjoy the power that the Nerf Super Soaker Scatterblast puts out.

Even simply lining up targets on a fence to practice hitting will be loads of fun with the ability to hit from up close or very far away. The flip up sight feature can be your best friend to hitting your target dead on every time. When you are running and crawling through obstacles the handy sight can be pushed back down to help you gain speed.

Not only is this blaster the best for running and shooting at a distance, the pump-handle blaster comes with a five-nozzle blast to deliver five powerful streams of water to soak your opponent like a storm they won’t even expect. Your target is as good as wet. Power and function are the headliners to the Nerf Super Soaker Scatterblast, but fun is what they are all about.