Now that spring is coming it is time to get the newest Nerf Super Soaker Shotwave. This isn’t like any other water pistol that is on the market today. It’s compact design allows for easy carrying, and with a spray range of over twenty five feet it makes it one of the most sought after water pistols for the upcoming spring. The ten ounce water clip holds an ample water supply, and within a few pumps of the pistol a person can have all of the pressure that they need to soak their opponent. Additional water clips are available for purchase.

These water clips come equipped with a tab that allows the clip to be secured on a person’s belt. This means that not only can a person have more maneuverability with this product, but they can also go longer periods of time without having to refill their water pistol. This is of paramount importance for games in which the amount of water ammunition is rationed, or guarded. Both the clip and the pistol are made of durable materials that can withstand being dropped, and any other punishment that a child can throw at it. They are built to last so that they can function great for kids throughout the whole summer. Once a child’s friends sees this devastating piece of water squirting weaponry in their arsenal they will be envious because they know that they are outgunned by it.

A growing number of people are picking up one not only for their children, but also for themselves. This product is as much fun for an adult as it is for a kid. Remember, age is only a state of mind, and with the summer months coming up it will be time for everyone, young and old, to grab their water pistols and head outside for a little bit of summer fun. Why not take the first step in gaining the edge on the competition by adding this unit, along with several clips, to a water gun arsenal so that, when the time comes, that person will be fully prepared to outlast, and outshoot, their competition with speed and accuracy.