So you have got your prey lined up in your sights. In the darkened room, they won’t even know you’re there! Your heart begins to beat even faster as you load your N-Strike Elite Firestrike Blaster, pulling back the pin that launches your weapon into action. You are an Army Ranger on a covert mission. With your foe in the crosshairs of your laser sight, you let your dart fly. Target hit. Mission accomplished! Another Nerf battle comes to an end, with your team victorious.

People of all ages have enjoyed Nerf products for years. Now, the latest concept in a long line of fine Nerf products is available, the Nerf N-Strike series. Always the innovator, Nerf has designed an entire line of compatible and interchangeable toy weapons systems that will provide fun for more generations to come! Having constantly upgrading and reinventing their product lines, Hasbro’s newest line of Nerf weapons can actually launch their projectiles up to 75ft!

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Similar in size to the personal side-arms such as the Reflex or the Strongarm, the pistol-styled Firestrike Blaster is one of the smallest weapons in this fun line of action toys. It carries 3 “rounds” of N-Strike darts, one in the chamber and two carried underneath the barrel. With the tactical rail, optional accessories may be added for additional firepower.

A nice addition in the innovation of Nerf’s play foam guns is their laser-light targeting system. The laser sighting system, powered by two AAA batteries, allows for pinpoint accuracy when used for targeting. The light beam emitted is actually accurate at a distance of up to fifteen feet.

The N-Strike system is pure fun! By adding on accessories such as the N-Strike Elite Bandolier Kit or additional ammo clips, the Firestrike Blaster can be used on the most covert operations. Gather up your weapons, load up on the ammo, and let the fun begin. Be sure to check out the variety of interactive online games that are available for play, and get ready: Your next mission is calling!