The Nerf Dart Tag Stinger is a smaller foam combat gun that has a pistol-grip, is easily concealed for larger adolescents, and can come in a matching pair if purchases in the Nerf Dart Duel Set.

Released in 2013 the Nerf Dart Tag is a single shot dart blaster with a stock capacity of three darts to be used in mock combat competitions. The darts must be loaded individually by inserting them into the barrel and made ready to fire by pulling the plunger handle downwards. This toy weapon is available in blue, red, and green, with the blue being available with the purchase of a Target Tag Set and the red and green models available with the Dart Duel Set.

Compared to other Nerf guns this model this dart gun is easier to hide and run with but slower when it comes to reloading and engaging the competition. The design is very modernistic and could be adjusted to meet military, science fiction, or fantasy weaponry with the right design.

Nerf hobbyists may want to paint it green, black, or a variety of different camouflage patterns in order to either display the blaster on their shelf or prepare for more covert action in their friendly neighborhood competition with friends. Science fiction enthusiasts may get more pleasure from other more creative designs, such as metallic with the darts painted to match the design of their fictional ammunition. Fantasy enthusiasts could also choose their own decoration for the dart gun, one good idea being a modified crossbow/dart gun with decoration for the darts to match the description of conventional non-firearm, non-explosive ammunition.

For young children as well as adolescents, both creative enthusiasts and competitive pranksters, the Nerf Dart Tag Stinger is a good choice to start out with in a new collection or add to an existing and expanding collection of Nerf toys. Easy concealed and lightweight it is efficient for fast action competition and its adaptable design can be painted to match modern, fantasy, and conventional weaponry.