Other than having epic Nerf wars, many Nerfers love the fun of modding. Some revamp only the innards of their blaster, while others do visual mods using paint and glue. Of the many types of modders, the Steampunk community has embraced modifying Nerf guns whole heartedly.

What is Steampunk? In a nutshell, Steampunk is a genre of science fiction where machines are powered mainly by steam. Often set in an alternate history version of the American industrial revolution or 19th century Victorian era England, you can loosely categorize something as Steampunk if it has the visual design elements of that time period (such as polished brass, gears, and metal plating).

Plastic toy guns like Nerf blasters are pretty opposite in definition to Steampunk; however, they can be modified into some amazing pieces. Whether you’re curious about Steampunk or just looking for design inspiration, check out these great examples of Steampunk style Nerf gun mods.


Nite Finder EX-3 by Cation Designs.

First up is a simple mod of the Nite Finder EX-3 by Cation Designs. Originally bright orange and yellow, you can tell that some basic paint and design choices went a long way. The use of black smudging to make the body look like weathered wood is well done. Many modders suggest sanding away the large Nerf logos that adorn all Nerf blasters, but Cation Design’s choice to cover the logo using antique looking gold-crystal buttons was genius.

barrel break steampunk

Barrel Break IX-2 by BeesBizarreBazaar.

Part of BeesBizarreBazaar’s armory, this mod of a Barrel Break IX-2 features a very nice paint job with metallic paint and lacquer. The leather cording wrapped around the pistol grip adds a rustic Steampunk flavor to complete what otherwise is a fairly straightforward design.

longstrike steampunk blaster

Longstrike CS-6 by vanbangerburger.

Securing a kill from miles away, this Steampunk sniper rifle by vanbangerburger shows how little add-ons and some paint make a big difference. This modified Longstrike CS-6 has been decorated with some piping, steam gauges, vine trellis pieces, and other doodads. While most of the original Nerf gun’s color is untouched, we wouldn’t mind seeing less of the bronze and more that slick gold around the grip and thumbhole stock implemented on other parts of the gun.

maverick steampunk blaster

Maverick REV-6 by oldjunkyardboutique.

The Maverick REV-6 is a favorite of many Nerf gun modders, and this particular mod by oldjunkyardboutique gives off a great steampunk-cyberpunk-gothic design vibe. The attached skull and crossbones detail, tubing, and hose clamps add personality to a predominately silver paint job.

vulcan steampunk blaster

Vulcan EBF-25 by Professor T. Lemetry.

Named the Goliathon by its creator, Professor T. Lemetry, this blaster looks like a mighty steam train in gun form. However, this is actually a heavily modified Nerf Vulcan EBF-25. The copper tubing and gauges are nice touches, but having the metal serial numbers along the side of the gun really completes the locomotive look.

longstrike steampunk blaster

Longstrike CS-6 by Thomas Schmidt.

It used to be an ordinary Longstrike CS-6, but this Steampunk rifle mod by Thomas Schmidt is just handsome. With just an added scope and a perfectly weathered bronze and rust color scheme, this rifle shows how Nerf guns become amazing Steampunk masterpieces.

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