nerf war

Blasters ready for war!


Organizing a Nerf wars takes a little practice. Here I will outline how to host and plan a Nerf war, but keep in mind: it takes fine tuning before you get good at it. For those of you who do not live near any of the big Nerf wars that take place across the country or if you just want more action, being able to organize your own battles is a necessity. Plus, isn’t it just exciting to try to host the best Nerf war ever?

Even a small battle takes a lot of planning and organization, more than I can cover in the scope of a blog post, but keep in mind: you cannot succeed until you try. With enough practice, you will be able to organize even super wars of more than 30 people.


You must make sure that everything is planned in detail before you announce the event. You want to have all of the details finalized before your official announcement. One of the most basic aspects that need to be covered is the location of the war. There are four things you should look for in a good battle field:

  • Nearby restrooms, restaurants, water fountains
  • It is as deserted as possible
  • There is some cover
  • There is a backup location within walking distance (unless you have reserved your primary)

If you are really motivated and do not shelling out some cash, you could even rent a public park in your area for relatively cheap. Another idea is a local school. It is rare to find the perfect location, so do not get too caught up in your location.

Date and Time

You need to set a time and date once you have decided on a location. If there are people you already expect to come, get their input on what works best. Or, set a date yourself if you do not know of anyone who will definitely come.

Next, you need to decide how long the war will last. I recommend starting with four hours for your first war. If it is successful and it seems like it could have gone longer, shoot for six hours next time. For any battle over four hours, you should factor in a lunch break. Also, I would never recommend having a Nerf war that is more than nine hours long.

Promoting It

Once you have all of the details ironed out, I recommend creating a Facebook event, so you can easily communicate with attendees. In your Facebook event including information like:

  • Rules
  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Will there be food, water, restrooms available
  • Any other information

Once you have this, share the event far and wide. Definitely post it on your local Craigslist. Also, post it to Craigslists around your area. You will likely find people willing to travel.

Do you have tips for putting together the ultimate Nerf war? Share them below!