So, you are preparing to go into battle. You have your handguns and a wide array of darts. You have extra clips and a whole host of mods. But, you are unsure about the most important weapon of all: your primary gun. If you walk into a store, you will see a vast variety of options open to you. If you look at eBay, you will see even more. But, which is the best for you? I am here to help you.

What Do You Look for in a Gun?

Do you know what type of battle it will be? This will give you an idea of what types of situations you are likely to face. If you may have to take out an entire squad, you will want an automatic weapon with a high capacity. If you will be providing cover fire, then a sniper with good range is ideal. If you need to sneak up on people, then a smaller and quieter weapon is best. No matter the role you will be playing, there is a blaster for it. You just need to do a little recon pre-war.

Make a list of the capabilities you want your gun to have based on what situations you will likely face. You want to be sure your primary complements your secondary guns. You will also want to keep in mind your personal preferences. If the idea of putting darts into slots during battle does not excite you, stock your backpack with clips for quick reloading.

Do Your Research!

There are so many resources available for researching the strengths and weaknesses of various blasters. At, I have in-depth analyses of every gun on the market. This makes my site a great place to start. I would also recommend doing a YouTube search for specific weapons you are considering. Just be aware that some of the videos may be unreliable.

Another factor to consider if you are going to purchase a whole new gun is your budget. eBay is a goldmine for inexpensive awesome blasters. Also keep in mind that just because a blaster is expensive, it does not mean it is better. There are simple mods you can make with household items that will help even the cheapest gun outperform the best blasters.


You have purchased your primary blaster, now what? If you are not used to a gun, it is pretty much useless in your hands. So, take some time to get comfortable with it. After playing with a Nerf gun for a while, you learn new things about it. Get a feel for the range, reloading style, and accuracy of your new weapon. You may also want to add some accessories.

Once you are comfortable with your primary, you will be able to own the battlefield. Take no prisoners!

*Clip picture from Awesomely Nerf