If you are reading this blog, chances are you have a fair amount of Nerf combat experience under your belt. So, you will likely find this story I am about to tell you to be quite preposterous. Nonetheless, according to KMOV of St. Louis, a couple in Fenton, Missouri was recently arrested and charged with third degree assault for shooting a drive thru worker with foam darts.

Whistler Dart

Whistler darts: Could theoretically cause damage if they hit you in the eye, according to St. Louis County Police.

What Happened

It was just a normal night at the Lion’s Choice fast food joint. The cashier did not expect her life was about to be changed forever when a black SUV pulled up to her drive thru window. Unfortunately, the gunwoman in the SUV and her boyfriend behind the wheel were up to no good that night. The couple did not order anything. They simply proceeded directly to the window, where the girlfriend unloaded a single shot at the unsuspecting cashier, who shall remain nameless.

The dart made direct contact with the shoulder of the cashier, who jumped back, regained her composure in time to realize she had been a victim of a Nerf drive-by shooting. Though the polyurethane dart did not cause any harm to the worker, police say she could have very easily been injured if the dart had hit her in the eye or the head or a major artery. Okay, so the only possible spot of vulnerability was actually the eyes.

Intense Police Investigation

The whole gruesome scene that took place last month was caught on video (available at the link above). After an intense two day long investigation, the St. Louis Police Department was able to track down the shooter and her driver. 22 year old Stephanie Winkler is the alleged gunwoman. The driver was Mark Applebaum, a 26 year old.

Each of the alleged criminals have been charged with third degree assault because, in Missouri, any time you cause someone to be scared, it can be construed as assault. If convicted, they could each be fined up to $300 and face as many as fifteen days in the county jail. I will keep you updated as this case develops. My prediction is that they will plead guilty to a nothing charge, or they will lawyer up and get off scot-free.

Lessons to be learned from this:

  • If you are a journalist, be sure to find out the type of gun that is used in a shooting. I was not able to find any information on what type of blaster was used.
  • Strangers may press charges if you shoot them
  • Do not scare anyone in Missouri

Though NerfGuns.net would never condone it, if you were going to engage in such behavior, what would be your blaster of choice?? x)