For a $10,000 grand prize, contestants entered short films into Nerf’s Battle of the Ads contest. These short films were all under 25 seconds and only qualified if they met the rules. You can see what rules were enforced in the video below.

As you can see, you needed to make a 25 second commercial using N-Strike, Super Soaker, or N-Force products. Commercials were to use clean language, and be family-friendly – basically, it needed to be worthy of TV. Also, funny enough, contestants were to “play nice” as Nerf put it. This simply meant there was to be no physicality between people in the commercial (I mean, heh, we all know what Nerf wars can escalate to, so this rule is a pretty clever one). The rest is just legal stuff. You couldn’t use modded nerf guns, shoot people in the eyes, do extreme stunts, take footage in a dangerous place, use personal information, and blah blah blah, etc.

All of this started back in May 2010 and now has finally come down to 10 lucky finalists. Each of these finalists has a chance of winning $10,000, and the possibility of getting their commercial aired on Nov 21st 8/7c during The Simpsons on FOX.

So, what that means is that up until then you can vote for your favorite ad. If you haven’t seen them yet, then you gotta check ’em out! There’s one that features a mini-battle between rest-home residents, one that has cavemen who discover the wonder of a Nerf hoop and basketball, and another that has an epic chase scene with free-running type moves. Anyway, you can see them all and vote for your favorite here – Nerf Battle of The Ads.

Once you’re done voting there, why not let us know which ones were your favorite? Who knows, maybe we’ll get a good glimpse at which vid might just win the $10,000 grand prize :).