When you are out of Nerf darts, or tired of Nerf guns, N-Force is there to add a new element to your battle experience. With 4 swords currently available in the N-Force line, you may have a difficult time deciding which one to get. To help you, here is a quick breakdown of each Nerf sword for sale.

Nerf Warlock

Nerf N-Force Warlock

The Warlock is a double edged battle axe that comes with everything except the weight, and well… razor sharp edges.

It measures in at 30 inches long, weighs under 12 ounces, and retails for $24.99.

Nerf Marauder

Nerf N-Force Marauder

This Nerf Sword is styled like a Long sword, which explains why its a whopping 40 inches long, and why it’s the heaviest of the bunch at nearly 15 ounces.

It is available in red and black, both of which have cool accents on them. Retails for $19.99.

Nerf Thunder Fury

Nerf N-Force Thunder Fury

This foam sword is styled with a slanted end, and is available in red, yellow, and blue.

It is 32 inches long, and weighs in at around 6 ounces. The Retail price for this sword is $14.99.

Nerf Shadow Fury

Nerf N-Force Shadow Fury

Identical in weight and length with the Thunder Fury.

The only difference being the styling of the handle and the end of the sword, which is rounded. It is available in blue, and retails for $14.99.

Which Will You Get?

The Marauder is the heaviest and longest, making it a great foam sword for the older person who wants to hit belligerent friends.

We would’ve thought that the Warlock battle axe would be the longest and heaviest, but it isn’t, it happens to be the shortest o the bunch, and lighter than the Marauder.

As far as durability, we’ve heard they are all pretty durable, but since the Warlock has a round shaft I’m guessing of all the above it would be the strongest. However, if you have tested any of them, I’d like to hear what you have to say.

However, you can’t beat the 2 sword deal that gets you the Thunder and Shadow Fury for under $30. If you’re on a budget, and want to dual wield, then I’d go for that deal.

In the end though, it all boils down to your fighting style and preference… so [easyazon_link cloaking=”default” keywords=”nerf sword” localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” tag=”126p86-20″]which nerf sword will you get?[/easyazon_link]