Halloween is just around the corner, and some people want Nerf blasters to accompany their costume. Maybe Halloween is not your thing, but you are planning to cosplay as a character from Fallout, and you need a post-apocalyptic blaster to complete the look. Finding the ideal blaster can be difficult, but this guide is designed to help you flesh out your costume idea and figure out which Nerf blasters will best enhance your cosplay experience.

Whether you are fighting zombies, aliens, or another menace to the universe, there is a blaster out there that fits the style that you are looking to create. Remember, that the design of the Nerf weapon is what you should be looking at because the color can be repainted to match the style that you are looking for. Here is a rundown of some ideas that may meld with your character outfit.


Post Apocalyptic Theme

A post apocalyptic theme is one that deals with the period of time that follows a global crisis. In a post apocalyptic world, civilization is failing and you may have to deal with a world like the one you see in Fallout, which is a popular game series. You may also encounter zombies like in The Walking Dead, but no matter what you encounter, a post apocalyptic weapon will help you survive.
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Doomsland Series

The Doomsland series is a weapon that was designed after a post apocalyptic period of time in the year 2169, which is similar to the world you can find in the popular video game Borderlands. Earth was hit by an asteroid not that long ago, and you now find yourself stuck in a world where you need to fend of raiders that want all of the survival supplies that you have. This line of Nerf guns originated in 2015, and it is comprised of seven different weapons to help you survive.[/thrive_text_block]

doomsland lawbringer

Doomsland Lawbringer – credit coop772

Lawbringer – The Lawbringer is a revolver-style blaster that is capable of holding up to twelve darts, and this Nerf gun can fire at a range of 40 to 50 feet. It is a hammer action gun, the smooth fire rate of this blaster is as fast as your finger can pull the trigger. The Lawbringer features a unique orange and black style that looks like it came straight out of Borderlands, but the bright orange coloration is intense. For a steampunk look, it can easily be painted to create the perfect costume prop.

doomsland double dealer

Doomsland Double Dealer – credit RandomShadow09

Double Dealer – This Nerf gun features a crossbow-like design that fires two darts at once. It is capable of holding up to 24 darts, which can be used to create a costume that allows you to dress like one of your favorite characters from The Walking Dead. This orange pump action gun can be painted to look like a real crossbow.

doomsland vagabond

Doomsland Vagabond – credit happyfamily1004

Vagabond – The final gun in this series is one that looks like it came straight out of Team Fortress, but if you repaint it properly, it can become the borderlands vagabond that you need to accessorize your favorite cosplay characters. This extremely large blaster is designed to shoot a single shot at once, but it can hold up to six darts at once.
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Zombie Strike Series

Fighting zombies is often part of a post apocalyptic world that we need to be prepared for, and the Zombie Strike series does just that. The 28 products in this line are not part of a specific color or design scheme. The series originated in 2013 to help you fight against post apocalyptic zombies, and most of these weapons are actually blasters that ensure that the brains of the zombies are destroyed.[/thrive_text_block]

Brainsaw – The Brainsaw is a blaster that is designed with a chainsaw on the end of the weapon. It is a weapon that has one tactical rail on the right side of the device that can hold up to eight darts at once. The Nerf weapon is green and orange with a handle to operate the chainsaw functionality with ease. If you are looking to create a unique Evil Dead-style chainsaw to enhance your costume, this Brainsaw can be redesigned to fit your needs. Apart from that, you can adopt traditional black and white or similar pastel goth clothing options to complement the brain saw look. In addition, you can consider wearing a spiked choker that can enhance the look of your spooky costume.

nerf hammershot

hammershot – credit blasterhub

Hammershot – The Hammershot is a great revolver-style blaster like you might see in Team Fortress. It features a wood finished handle that is wrapped in fake fabric that gives the blaster a more rugged look. This is a single dart releasing blaster, but five darts can be positioned in the chamber ready to be fired. The Nerf Hammershot can be customized into a perfect dieselpunk prop. Painted with grey and brown features, this can become the perfect Destiny inspired gun.

nerf slingfire

slingfire – credit timesofblaster

Slingfire – The Slingfire is a shotgun-style blaster that is designed to fire one dart at a time each second. The darts will fly a distance of roughly 40 feet, and the clip of the gun can hold up to six darts. The shoulder stock of the gun can be removed in the event that you are looking for a shorter gun. Because of the shape of this gun, it would make a great prop for a steampunk explorer.

nerf doominator

doominator – credit nerfboyproductions

Doominator – The Doominator is a blaster that features a revolver-style shape. It has four separate barrels, each of which can hold six darts. The barrels can be flipped and used at any time you like; in addition, the ammo capacity of this weapon allows you to hold 24 darts at once. If you want to use this as a prop, it works perfectly for the majority of the heavy hitting gun toters that you wish to dress as, just customize the gun appropriately.
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Non-Blaster Accessories

Taking out zombies can be a tough task for some, especially if you are not properly prepared. The non-blaster accessories in the Zombie Strike series make this experience a much easier one to endure. Each one of these accessories is unique, but they can prove to have their own usefulness in a post apocalyptic world.[/thrive_text_block]

nerf biosquad

biosquad – credit nerfboyproductions

Biosquad Zombie Strike Abolisher & Eraser – This is a sub category of the Zombie Strike Series that is a blaster-style gun that utilizes three different types of ammo. It can use the traditional Nerf darts for solid projectiles, water to make the gun into a super soaker, and zombie repellant, which is a type of ammo that is effectively silly string. Both of these guns are great props to use when you are looking for quick firing hand guns for your wasteland character to carry.

zombie strike wrench

wrench – credit

Zombie Strike Wrench Axe – Simply put, attacking zombies at a close range is difficult with a gun, so you may want a melee prop for your next cosplay outfit. For instance, you could ace your Art the clown costume by carrying an axe as a prop, which can help you be the center of attraction. The Zombie Strike Wrench Axe is a weapon that is designed to look like a pipe wrench. The head of the weapon or the blade of the axe is attached in the mouth of the wrench and looks to be secured in place with tape.

zombie strike chainsaw


Zombie Strike Chainsaw – Another melee weapon that is perfect for a slasher outfit is the Zombie Strike Chainsaw. The black and grey design features a tally on the side of the chainsaw to help you keep track of your kill count, and the little green button on the device activates a chainsaw sound that increases the power of your prop.

zombie strike z bat

z bat – credit reddit

Zombie Z Bat – If you want to re-enact your favorite Zombieland scene, then the Zombie Z Bat is the melee weapon of choice. The wooden-style baseball bat is actually foam that is designed to look like wood. It has a cloth detailed wrap around the handle, and the part that you hit the zombies with is wrapped with barbed wire.

zombie strike machete

machete – credit mylastdart

Zombie Strike Machete – If you need a close combat weapon, then this Zombie Strike Machete is the perfect prop. Dressing like Jason Voorhees will require a machete to complete the outfit. This weapon of the blade looks realistic and the handle of the machete is wrapped in a cloth-like material. It also is a great idea for a Gothic melee prop to help you slay animals in the wild.

Futuristic - From the video game Mirrors Edge

Futuristic – From the video game Mirrors Edge

Futuristic Theme

Futuristic themed outfit designs are perfect for Nerf props. The theme revolves around any potential futuristic states that you can envision. The future can hold highly advanced technology, or it can be a simplistic view of how you envision the future. The Star Trek world is one that fits into this category, and the blasters and medical technology within the different series are highly advanced. If you are looking for a biopunk cosplay creation, then a futuristic theme is ideal for you.
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Impact Zone Blasters

The Impact Zone line of Nerf Blasters is a sub series of the Doomsland weapon series. It features a futuristic design that is perfect for creating a weapon prop in this genre. The series was released in 2016, but it only has two weapons in it that you can use to enhance the outfit that you are designing for comic con.[/thrive_text_block]

nerf desolator

desolator – credit Nerf_Fang

Desolator – The Desolator is a blaster–type weapon that uses a flywheel system. Parts of the weapon are clear to allow you to see the inner workings of the machine. It features a semi-automatic firing function that is capable of holding up to ten darts at once. With the right modification, this can be the perfect blaster for creating a stormtrooper from Star Wars.

nerf longarm

longarm – credit IamBobolo

Longarm – The Longarm is a revolver-style blaster that features a futuristic cyberpunk style, similar to what you might see in the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 game (hopefully you’ll be able to take a look at this review once the game has been released and see the cyberpunk styling for yourself). It has a single-firing capability, and it can hold up to five darts in the blaster at once. The orange and white design of the gun is perfectly futuristic looking, but if you mod it to a steampunk design style, you will have an amazing prop.

Accustrike Blasters

The Accustrike Blaster series is coming to the Nerf family in the year 2017. The line is to be released with four different weapons, and each of them utilizes a new dart style that is more accurate than the current darts on the market. The guns feature an extremely futuristic design that looks amazing, especially if you want a unique prop for your futuristic Halloween getup.

nerf alphahawk

alphahawk – credit unknown.

Alphahawk – The Alphahawk is designed with a five dart rotating drum that allows you to aim at your target with the sight that is on the gun. It features an orange and grey design that would look perfect as a gauss rifle for your Fallout getup, especially with a few modifications to make it look like a futuristic weapon that is created from the Institute.


falconfire – credit DadDoes

Falconfire –The Falconfire is a blaster that features a single shot functionality. It can hold up to six darts to fire at will and store two additional darts, but the capacity level means that you will need to use the sights of the weapon to increase your accuracy level for each shot. This blaster is the perfect prop to use when you recreate a Bioshock character design that utilizes this type of weapon.

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N-Strike Modulus Blasters

The N-Strike Moudulus series of blasters feature futuristic models that have high-tech accessories to make your experience using the gun more entertaining. These guns come with tactical rails and shoulder stocks that can be removed with ease. The series was released in 2015 with 13 different weapons and mods; each mod is interchangeable with the other weapons in the series. The bright white futuristic design of this series of guns is perfect for the theme as it can be used to recreate your favorite futuristic sci-fi movies and games.[/thrive_text_block]

Tri-strike – The Tri-strike is a unique futuristic blaster that can fire three different types of ammo. You can use traditional elite darts, which can utilize a slam fire feature, or you can use the mega darts or the missile if you prefer. The gun only holds ten elite darts, four mega darts, and one missile, so make sure to aim carefully. This gun is perfect for a Halo recreation because the three different firing methods are perfect for catching your enemies off guard.


modulus – credit Blastaway

Modulus ECS – The Modulus ECS is a unique weapon that is great for sniping your enemies. As with the previous weapon in this series, this one is ideal for a Halo character to use while in battle. It has a ten dart capacity, two tactical rails, a barrel extension, and a detachable shoulder stock. In addition, there are over 30 mods that you can attach to the Modulus ECS to accommodate our style and Halloween outfit needs.

modulus recon

modulus recon – credit sodacanman

Recon MKII – The Recon MKII is a blaster-style weapon that features a single-shot firing rate that holds six darts at once. The drum can be upgraded to hold more darts if you desire, but with a few paint modifications, this gun is a tactical weapon that can be used by Aeryn Sun in your Farscape Halloween attire.


Alien Theme

Aliens are part of a science fiction experience that most of us enjoy. One of the most loved movies that explore this genre is the Alien series; specifically the second one in the series that’s loved by all. Mass effect is a game that explores a futuristic alien world that is home to several alien species that would be perfect to recreate for your next comic con experience. There has even been someone who has recreated a fully functional pulse rifle, that people who love the franchise may want to explore over at albotas.com.
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Alien Menace Blasters

Originating in 2016, the Alien Menace series consists of two unique blasters that combine a futuristic mechanical style design with an organic feature that gives it a look that is perfect for any science fiction getup. The purple and grey design is perfect for fighting any alien menace that is threatening the planet.[/thrive_text_block]

alien menace ravager

ravager – credit bobolo

Ravager – This pump action Nerf gun is a gun with a purple, white, and grey design that features an orange turret on the front of weapon. The gun holds eight darts at once, and each time the weapon fires a dart, the barrel rotates and lines up another shot. If you are dressing up like Star Lord this Halloween Season, then the Ravage could be the perfect prop to use if it is modded correctly.


incisor – credit RandomShadow09

Incisor – This Nerf gun is designed with a drum that makes firing darts in quick succession simple. The blaster can hold up to 16 darts, but since it features a fully automatic firing feature, they can go rather quickly. This alien gun design looks like something that you would see in the Halo Universe.

Fantasy Theme

Fantasy is becoming more and more popular in the world today. With movies such as The Hobbit, The Hunger Games, and Warcraft, these fantasy-based weapons are becoming the props for more custom character creations that we dress up as. Elven hunters and Dwarven hunters in World of Warcraft are great examples of characters that need these props to complete their outfits, but other fantasy worlds exist within this theme as well.

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Charmed Series

Not all Nerf guns are designed with males in mind, just like not all gun slinging characters are men. The Charmed series is a sub series of the Rebelle blaster that was introduced to the Nerf family in 2015. There are only four products in this series, but each of them is designed after a medieval, steampunk-influenced design. The names of the weapons stem from the charm bracelet that is attached to each weapon in the Charmed series.[/thrive_text_block]

charmed dauntless

dauntless – credit lorddraconical

Dauntless – The dauntless blaster is a small hand blaster that looks like it comes directly from a fantasy-based world like the one that you see in the series Defiance. This pistol-like weapon is a single firing gun that only shoots one dart at a time, but it has a long fire range that can reach up to 75 feet. This gun comes with three uniquely designed custom darts that were made specifically for this series. It also comes with a charm bracelet that you can wear on your wrist or attach to the handle and the front of the trigger guard. If you are looking for another gun slinger character to recreate, then you can always play Tracer, the pulse pistol-toting character from the game Overwatch.

charmed fair fortune

fair fortune – credit lorddraconical

Fair Fortune – The Fair Fortune is a crossbow in this series of weapons that is designed to fire one dart at a time, but it has the capability of holding up to six darts at once. The crossbow is purple, and white with an encased cylinder to hide the location of the darts being lined up to fire. Six collectible darts are included with the Nerf Fair Fortune as well as a charm bracelet that can attach from the grip of the gun to the trigger guard. A crossbow can serve as a great prop for any Final Fantasy character who may need to take down a Behemoth.

Everfierce – This Nerf weapon is a pink and silver bow that is perfect for any girl who wants to dress up as Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games. It can hold four darts at once in the upright holder near where you would position an arrow when shooting a real bow. The charm that comes with this series of guns is designed to attach to the blaster’s muzzle on the bow as well as one of the arms of the bow. Only one dart can be fired at once, but that is one of the aspects that makes firing this bow so realistic.

As you can see the possibilities for using a Nerf blaster or another type of Nerf weapon are nearly endless. The themes that we discussed in this article provide you with a great starting point, but don’t conform to ideas that have already been created, use your imagination to transform one of these Nerf guns that were created for the amusement of children into an amazing prop that completes the outfit design of your favorite fictional character.