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Nerf N-Strike Longstrike CS-6

A New Longer Blaster From Nerf

New from Nerf as of spring 2010, the Nerf Longstrike is a sniper rifle that out-looks, and out-lengths the popular Longshot CS-6.

Yes, that’s right, longer than the Nerf Longshot, and currently longer than any Nerf gun ever made!

Have I Seen This Blaster Before?

The Longstrike CS-6 came straight out of the popular Nerf N-Strike Wii video game. Rocking at nearly 4 feet in length, and with futuristic styling, it even LOOKS like it belongs in a video game.

What Does it Come With

This blue sniper rifle comes with the standard 6 round clip that comes with most N-Strike Nerf guns, but can be interchanged with the drum clip that comes with the Raider for those times where extra ammo is needed.

Similar to the Longshot, the Longstrike has a detachable barrel, which can be removed if you wish to have a smaller profile. What’s cooler yet, is you can also swap out the scope and barrel attachment that comes with the Longshot onto the Longstrike.

Product Dimensions: 4 x 24 x 12.5 inches, 3.6 pounds. Blaster comes with barrel extension, flip-up sight, quick-reload clip, six Clip-System Darts, and instructions. See reviews here. Buy here.

jack bain - September 12, 2013

it looks awsome !!!!!!

Berserker - March 24, 2013

people have problem with their longstrike but mine can shoot 50-60 with barrel aimed flat and no mods, and with out the barrel it can shoot at least 70 feet or more

Srene - June 2, 2012

The real question is whether this gun is better than the longshot. I’ve heard some people say that the shot is better, but I disagree for 4 reasons:
1. It’s smaller and more compact than the longshot when you take off the barrel extension.
2. It has space for two clips in the back holster instead of the longshot’s one
3. It has better accuracy than the longshot because of the longer barrel
4. It looks more streamlined and fluid than the rather boxy longshot

Of course, they are both great guns, but I like accuracy and range as opposed to rate of fire.

SafaXO8 - February 14, 2012

Looks like a PSG1 from Black Ops, this Nerf gun is EPIC!!!

angry sheep - February 14, 2012

lol tried to run up some small stairs in a nerf war with it and got stuck. (got shot alot) if it had wisterlers then it would be alot better.

great gun with longstrike barrel, tak scope, and cs-18 clip.

stryker111 - February 9, 2012

I have the longstrike and it does the same things

nerfsniperwillkilya - January 29, 2012

Ill kill ya all with this gun MUHAHAHAHAHH!

Charles Perry - January 9, 2012

I WANT THIS GUN! Also, here’s a remixed way to browse all 10 of the best Nerf Guns: http://www.mentormob.com/learn/playlists/best-nerf-gun-models

danlie - January 6, 2012

BUUUUUUUUUU yo e visto mejores

Tommy - January 5, 2012

@aussie I think you can but I can’t be sure (try amazon.com, ebay.com toys “r” us.com, Wal-Mart.com and Target.com).

Tommy - January 5, 2012

Worth the Money?

aussie - January 4, 2012

can i buy the nerf longstrie cs6 in australia mainly south aaustralia

Muwai - January 2, 2012

I just got my dad to return my longstrike I bought on eBay and now I’m gonna buy the longstrike. Then I’m gonna mod it.

nerfcase2 - December 30, 2011

how did you mod it to that

tha man - December 25, 2011

you carnt take the but part of the longstrike it says on the piece of paper wich comes with it BUT THEN I TOOK AN ARROW TO THE KNEE ))======(KNEE)======>> TrOlL 🙂

johnson lee - November 28, 2011

very good

Coco - November 27, 2011


Unknown - October 17, 2011

I just modified my Longstrike and now it shoots up to 150 feet!

TheOnly11YearOldEnglishNERFER - October 4, 2011

hi im back but im now 13

Dreadvenom - August 28, 2011

@Random You just replied to somebody who posted over a year ago. Epic fail.

Random - August 1, 2011

@TRistan, once you put it on you cant take it off

lawrence - July 29, 2011

i think this is byfar my second fav(raider being my first

nerfsniperman - May 30, 2011

Ok lets be honest, both longshot and longstrike have goods and bads

Longshot goods:
has better accuracy and range due to direct plunger

comes with some goodies for it

is more reliable than reverse plunger

is relativly easy to mod and is effective with mods
Longshot bads:

First up, it is discontinued, (better head on to ebay)

is quite heavy and bulky

(i cant really think of any other flaws)

Longstrike goods:

hands down is more sexy than longshot

has more tactical rails,

is lightweight

is relitivly accurate but inferier to longshot

Longstrike bads:

can ether jam, barely choke up, or get stuck with a bad dart.

seems to spit darts inacuratly with thick diameter barrel extention (use recon barrel instead)

can be a bitch to mod

so there you have it its your choice on which you like better (i have both guns)

james - April 25, 2011

i have watched a lot of footage and reviews on you tube of cacox99 i think it is very good and i am very convinced to buy it more than the longshot as it is only one gun and is a lot less heavy than the longshot. it rules!!!!!!!!!!!!

tagger lord - April 25, 2011

i already have the longstrike
and i already got a twew nerf guns and thhe longstrike is one of my best
dingleberry it is worth getting

dingleberry - April 21, 2011

is the longstrike worth getting

someone - March 27, 2011

it is the best nurf gun i’ve got. where do you buy slings for it?

Person who wants to get a Longstrike - March 18, 2011

Hey everyone i really want this gun, just wondering, is their any glue etc holding the gun together, or is it just screws? I’ll be wanting to modify it:)

milk - February 7, 2011

i think that it is a great gun but the longshot is better bacause i have had it for such a long time and it is great.

TheNinja - February 6, 2011

I have both snipers and love them equally.

Panda - January 30, 2011

Just got this yesterday. It looks nice and its really easy to use. BUT the front barrel is useless, it decreases the range significantly and doesnt improve the accuracy at all.

NerferNoob - January 20, 2011

Hi guys. I am going to get a longstrike for my birthday- any tips on how to use it?

kendall - January 17, 2011

omg longstrike is epic i want it so bad and then i send bback recipt and get nerf shirt omg EPIC 😀 im gonna get the 3 longstrike and raider deal 😀

Alex1 - January 16, 2011

I’ve had the nerf longshot for a while, and my brother just got a longstrike 2day. I am liking the longstrike better. might have to buy one of my own.

Joshua - January 11, 2011

The people who said about the longstrike being suckish is wrong. 3 things about how good the longstrike is.

1) Its flip-up sight is much better than the longshot scope.
2) It has more ammo than the longshot.
3) It doesn’t jam to much.

Afoulger13 - January 10, 2011

plus I got it for 29 🙂

Afoulger13 - January 10, 2011

Got it today off amazon and it is awsome I dont know if its because I got it in mint condition or hasbro have changed it but the barrel didnt make any differance to the range yet great gun

achoo - January 2, 2011


I just kinda put a bit of pressure and the barrel anchors popped free. Don’t blame me if you break your shell, but it didnt hurt anything on my gun. i removed the air restrictor and performed a quick spring mod and the gun shoots so much better.

new2nerf - December 28, 2010

I just bought a LongStrike, and it won’t open when I unscrew it. It appears that they’ve glued the front barrel anchors, so I’d have to break them to open the gun. Not sure why they are doing this?

jez123 - December 24, 2010

get the longshot.

ssdsdsdsdsd - December 24, 2010

im getting it for christmas and these comments are helpful

nerfer girl - December 24, 2010

i just got a long strike for my bday and i put a raider drum on and it shot 30 ft with barrel and almost 40 feet with out barrel. it is one of the best nerf guns ever. it is light and it looks cool. its got it all!

LongstrikeCS64 - December 22, 2010

i dont know how to remove the front barrel can u guys help me?
because i need to take it off for my nerf war 🙂
Im also new to nerf guns
Please comment!!!

abc - December 22, 2010

i agree it does not go 35 feet

anonymous123 - December 22, 2010

love the gun but the maverick has the same dart capacity is more manoeuvrable and shoots further mavericks my fave

abc - December 21, 2010

this is a cool gun but the reason why i commented is because the price is insane do NOT buy it here. buy it at toys r us 10 bucks cheeper.

anonymous123 - December 19, 2010

i take that back completely

Myles - December 17, 2010

I always use a Tactical Scope and an 18-Dart Clip on my Longstrike. Barrel Removed, though.

Nerfnub - December 14, 2010

I prefer longstrike over longshot, longstrike holds more clips is longer and it looks better. On a scale of 1 to 10 I rate a 11

Ben - December 14, 2010


TheNinja - December 11, 2010

This gun is easy to load has the magazine drop out feature and is not cockable after a round is chambered until after you fire that round. Its very cool but the front barrel decreases range. With it on only 1-2 out of 6 shots will fire far but take off the front barrel attachment and every shot goes far.

Just got this in the mail today. The Longshhot will always be my favorite but this gun is suprisingly light and manueverable. Plus it has the digital camo just like the Raider.

lewis. - December 9, 2010

yeh. The long strike doesn’t jam as much as the recon and has a cooler stock.

nerfer girl - December 8, 2010

so long strike? cause i want i gun that has a shot long and doesnt jam and is easy to reload fast. i know am very picky but i dont want waste my money……:/

lewis. - December 8, 2010

longstrike. i got it 2day and it was massive. Defenataly worth it.

TheOnly11YearOldEnglishNERFER - December 8, 2010

hi jacob

search for magstrike

TheOnly11YearOldEnglishNERFER - December 8, 2010


nerfer girl - December 7, 2010

longstrike or recon?????????????

lewis. - December 7, 2010

The front barrel reminds me of a slencer because it decreases range. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is that it looks good.

anonymous123 - November 6, 2010


toby - October 25, 2010

is the nerf longstrike in australia yet and where can you get it

Sam C. - October 25, 2010

Err, I got this gun a few days ago, and either it doesnt fire, it barely fires, or it spins out of control, and either way, it bends the dart. I dont know if this gun’s design is defective or if I have a bad model and should take it back. Oh, decisions, decisions.

Romain - October 23, 2010

I like this gun;with the bandolier nerf dart clips it’s cool.
With the drum of the raider cs-35 and the longstrike or the longshot it’s awesome.
Go in youtube and write Nerf january battle

Tyxoimht - October 1, 2010

You must have a very rare Longstrike, because they can’t shoot 70 feet.

toby - September 29, 2010

i have the longstrike and it goes 50 feet with the barrel and 70 feet without and i didn’t even mod it

Ben - September 26, 2010

yea its great for that as long as the front barrels off

realsnipin - September 24, 2010

is it good for both sniping and rushing?

Nerf Kid - September 16, 2010

i prefer the longstrik because if your low on ammo you can store 2 c.s (clip system) for when your in a long war.
and it works well with a drum magazine and if you have 2 magazines thats you got off ebay or 2 raiders then you might as well you 1 drum in your ammo at the start and shocking but true in the stock you can hold a drum magazine (on the left side of the stock) and it feels comfortable but the only reason i like the longshot is because it has a direct plunger all the other guns have reverse plungers which is disapointing.
and im sad that they discontinued the long shot cuz it can be another gun and gun 2 (the single dart loaded side) is practicaly a night finder with about an extra 10 feet of distance.
can you belive thats all been written by a 11 year old

Ben - September 2, 2010

its okay but i prefer the longshot because its lighter and you can give the front barrel to somebody else to use

Nerf Lonstrike - August 28, 2010

This nerf gun is pretty cool looking, but it wont get u anywhere. With the extra barrel, it outranges my raider by 8 and 1/2 inches (none of the guns are modded) and without the barrel, it outranges my raider by 1 1/2 feet, but my maverick that i removed air restricters on can shoot 4 feet more than the longstrike. i did a little test on my friends fury fire dart tag (unmodified) and it couldn’t even shoot further than that

TheOnly11YearOldEnglishNERFER - August 27, 2010

what time is it

TheOnly11YearOldEnglishNERFER - August 27, 2010

is any one awake

TheOnly11YearOldEnglishNERFER - August 26, 2010

How do you get the stock of the gun?

nerf assasin - August 16, 2010

This gun is longer than the longshot but is easyer to opeareate

Tsunami - August 16, 2010

Underpressure problems when used with the stock barrel. Recommend a full converstion to a smaller diameter barrel and/or a mod to fix the standard nerf problem of low pressure further into the barrel. Increased pressure to the dart or prolonged air flow through to maitain barrel pressure both work, and synergize well, especially with a larger plenum chamber and the barrel mod noted earlier.
With said mods, range is significantly improved although both make it more likely to hit too hard at close range. Wonderful base for modding though.

TheOnly11YearOldEnglishNERFER - August 14, 2010

Had trouble with the stock as I live in the UK and bought the gun on holiday in the US and had trouble getting it in the case!

sharko 2100 - August 12, 2010

and who exactly is mikeyb

blade master - August 11, 2010

if this gun had a longer shot ill be happy and im suprised at it and the fact its helped me but my long shot is two in one your thourts and commets are ok

SNIPE KING - August 8, 2010

percy in answer to your question i would say longstrike

nerf sn1p3r - August 5, 2010

In my opinion longstrikes are better at stock form but longshots are better for modders because their are easier to mod and have better ranges after modding. hope this helps someone.

Percy - August 5, 2010

should i get the longstrike or the raider

SNIPE KING - August 4, 2010

i just got this gun for my bth day and an d i think its awsome but the barrle dose decrese the range a lot but aiming at a target below u is really easy cos u dont have to aim up

mikeyb - July 23, 2010

…when i first bought the longstrike i had serious issues with the distance since it is, in fact, a sniper rifle style gun. however, after prolonged usage, you learn that using the gun with it’s barrel, is highly difficult. but also, you find out that by aiming significantly higher than your target, you can easily hit your target. with a gun as large as the longstrike, this maneuver gets in the way. but that is why having wars with nerf guns is more challenging than any other warfare type sport. i give the gun a 7.5 out of 10, due to the lack of maneuverability. my favorite is the maverick personally

sharko 2100 - July 21, 2010

This gun sucks when u just buy it. it doesnt come with all the clips it can hold like the longshot. it also doesnt come with a scope like the longshot

plutonium136 - July 13, 2010

i just bought the longstrike just then and i say its the best gun of nstrike because it looks and feels so awesome but the sight came breack off really easily (but you just put it back on!)

RickRandy - July 12, 2010

It seems to lose raneg when you add the barrel, removing seems to make the darts go further.

In the looks department it looks as it should be a cockshot with a mag.

nerf assasin - July 3, 2010


sharko 2100 - June 29, 2010

will u guys shut up?

some1 - June 26, 2010

this gun is lousy, so inaccurate for shooting moving targets, machine gun is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better

unknown guest - June 22, 2010

I dont see why people like this gun so much, the lognshot just seems so much better. With the longhsot, i have really good accuracy and range, but I don’t have the longstrike.

sevn - June 20, 2010

whats better rader or longstrike

sevn - June 20, 2010

whats better lonng shot or recon

sharko 2100 - June 18, 2010

the longstrike commercials lie and dont lie (1) they lie cuz it shows the front barrel.but they dont lie cuz if u point the gun up ( even with front barrel ) it can shoot up to 35 ft.
(2) they also dont lie cuz if u take off the front barrel u know what happens

sharko 2100 - June 18, 2010

the range with the front barrel is very disapointing. it decreases the range like 10-20 ft.

sharko 2100 - June 15, 2010

it would be kewl if there was a way to take the stock off with out brute force

agrx - June 7, 2010

you can take the stock off easily with brute force

takes me no effort at all to do so

hold the gun upside down.
put on hand on the pistol grip
put the other on the first diagonal bar in the stock
then pull

with a lot of force, this feat is done incredibly easily

Myles - June 5, 2010

If you’re an MW2 fan, the Longstrike to me resembles an Intervention Sniper.

TRistan - May 31, 2010

@nerfGuns.net Admin clipping on not clipping off

Yourface - May 27, 2010

This gun looks WAAAAAY better than the longshot, and even though its longer, it is a lot easier to maneuver. It has okay range, but for sniping, take off the barrel. The barrel is better for close range because it sort of helps with accuracy, though it decreases range. Plus it looks just plain awesome. And it kind of sucks that you cant take the stock off, because the gun looks pretty cool without the barrel or the stock.

danstar - May 9, 2010

i think the longshot cs 6 is much better

alec - May 6, 2010

I think there is no downside to this gun check out uin13’s channel here’ll you how to take off the stock

sharko 2100 - April 4, 2010

dont use the front barrel at all. even with the recons laser, u can just buy a scope at target for day and night

ripper21 - March 29, 2010

no the stock on the longstrike is permenant check out uin13 on youtube he planning on putting releases in the stock and when the longstriks has no stock or extension it looks like a sawed-off shotgun

    NerfGuns.net Admin - March 30, 2010

    That’s odd. I thought I saw a video that showed a dude clipping on the stock? Hmmmm

ARK - March 26, 2010

but is it too long?

sharko 2100 - March 24, 2010

since when did the longshot have a higher rating than this?

sharko 2100 - March 22, 2010

i dont know. my cousin wants to know how u do that.

TRistan - March 22, 2010

How do you take off the but part of the gun (the part that holds two clips)

    NerfGuns.net Admin - March 27, 2010

    There should be a push tab on the back, like the one on the Recon’s stock.

sharko 2100 - March 21, 2010

comparing the longshot and longstrike, there are many pros and cons for each.

sharko 2100 - March 21, 2010


Nerfman2 - March 18, 2010

ITs a good gun

Nerfman - March 18, 2010

Its much better then the longshot

Herbert Donald - March 17, 2010

Just bought the longstrike recently and with the extension front barrel it doesnt shoot as far. Quite a dissapointment really. Was hoping to maximize the 35feet that was written on the box.

sharko 2100 - March 9, 2010

you can buy it in stores now. (thats what i think)

sharko 2100 - March 9, 2010

this gun is good for nerf gun fights because of long range and great accuracy. its even better if you use the cs-35 barrel clip on the longstrike.

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