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Nerf Strikefire Dart Tag Blaster

Nerf Strikefire is a two player Nerf game that allows you and a friend to safely shoot soft darts at one another in an action-packed environment. With Nerf, a game of tag will never be the same! Darts stick to the included target vests, ensuring that there will never be a question when someone is hit.

The Strikefire includes the following:

  • Two Nerf dart blasters, each with a six dart capacity
  • Two adjustable scoring vests with multiple targets
  • Two sets of protective glasses
  • 12 velcro-tipped Tagger darts

The included dart blasters are accurate up to 30 feet, and the velcro darts stick quite firmly to the vests. Another benefit is that they are extremely fast to load. Although some of Nerf’s other dart blasters have rapid fire capability, it can take too long in the heat of battle to reload multiple darts. On the other hand, when playing with the Nerf Dart Tag Strikefire blasters, a dart can be loaded and fired in just a few seconds.

When you buy the Strikefire, don’t forget to pick up plenty of extra darts. Although the darts are brightly colored, you can expect to lose some when you play outside. Also, for real Nerf enthusiasts, try purchasing the set along with the standard Dart Tag set, which includes rapid fire blasters. The Strikefire blasters are a perfect sidearm for when your full-size blaster is out of darts, or they can be given to a friend or child if you are a parent and would like to get your kids involved with your Nerf activities!

Nerf Dart Tag Strikefire Specs

  • Blasters accurate up to 30 feet
  • Same Nerf guns found in the Crossfire dart tag set
  • Blasters can be found in Red, Blue, Orange, and Green colors.
  • Velcro-tipped darts stick to the vests for easy scoring
  • Single-shot blasters can be reloaded quickly
  • Each dart blaster can hold up to 6 darts

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TJ - January 20, 2012

Highly recommended for an extra bullet shot. Attach it to a Barrel Break, and you get 3 bullets at once! Very O-sum

ANGELO - December 1, 2010

this gun is so epic. YOU KNOW WHY. THIS GUN IS AN ATTACHMENT TOO. So you can attach it to any gun of your choice. HHAHAHAHA

boo - November 20, 2010

good guns highley reccomended. i have the green and orange ones. personnaly i like the swords more than guns.

Ben - September 26, 2010

deploy man you da best you like the deploy too DEPLOYS FOREVER!!

tom - August 28, 2010


tom - August 28, 2010


tom - August 28, 2010

jk jk man

tom - August 28, 2010

just kiddin deploy man

tom - August 28, 2010


tom vdega - August 28, 2010

you suck

NerfWarrior - August 20, 2010

wats really cool about it is that u can use just about any darts with it

NerfWarrior - August 20, 2010

this gun is okayish in nerf wars. its accuracy and range isnt the best, but it is easy to reload and its nice how u can store 5 extra darts in its holder. as a sidearm, its pretty average or maybe a little above average. as a primary weapon, its not so good.

deployman - August 8, 2010

then aculey say something

nerf assasin - August 1, 2010

yay I said the first thing on the page.

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