Looking for a simple way to play some great group games? What about some awesome individual games? Well, that is exactly what the Nerf Dart Tag Crossfire Blaster and Target Shield was built for.

It comes in two colors, red and blue, which makes it easy and fun to play one-on-one games or team games as well. The set itself includes the Crossfire blaster, a Crossfire target shield, vision gear eye wear and six mini darts which is a great start to any game, but of course you can buy extra darts (separately) for extra fun. It also comes with an instruction book pointing out the various games, 15 in all, that can be played either alone or against an opponent(s).

The blaster is mini-sized which makes it great sneak attacks and the shield is double-sided for easy double play. What more could you want in a dart blaster? The Crossfire is compact and easy to transport while carrying other Nerf guns. So what are you waiting for?

Check out how much fun you can have with the Nerf Dart Tag Crossfire Blaster and Target Shield today. You will be glad that you did.