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Hasbro Nerf Atom Ball Blaster

NERF Atom Blaster – The Science of Fun!

Tired of too much automatic NERFing? The NERF Atom Blaster let’s you power up your load-and-shoot skills for a very tidy price.

The NERF Atom Blaster isn’t just another spin on NERF weaponry. It was designed as part of a Master’s degree project with some sound science backing it up!

Features of the Atom Blaster

Looking like a small turbo engine with a trigger and handle, this ball blaster’s hard molded plastic design can withstand throw-down punishment if you need to change weaponry in mid-battle. Four NERF balls are included in the set.

Since the NERF Atom Blaster only shoots one ball at a pop, loading-and-shooting adds an extra element of challenge to your game.

Loading and aiming one NERF ball at a time isn’t for amateurs!

You can hand load by pushing the balls into the muzzle of the gun, or have your ammo supply on a solid surface and push the gun down directly onto the balls. Your gun, your style, you choose.

Affordable & Fun

Priced right at well under $10, the NERF Atom Blaster is a must-have in your arsenal.

And if you aren’t convinced that the Atom Blaster was homework, check out the designer’s site.

retardo - April 10, 2012

the balls look kinda like they may hurt when you get shot with them. doesn’t look like a very good gun.
you could also re-shape the handle so it would be easier to shoot under the gun.

Ebroks - April 8, 2012

It’s crap who wants one it really sux like just look at it it’s ugly fires one bullet and takes ages to load and doesn’t fire that well and i wouldn’t buy it even if it was free, it’s so bad

Alfred - March 28, 2011

I think that this gun should be modded so that it can be an underbarrel grenade launcher. all that is needed is the clips on the top.

doggie - February 6, 2011

im not into the ball guns

Jon - January 25, 2011

Does anyone know where I can get one?

Thetruenaz - December 7, 2010

Hard to find

boo - November 20, 2010

stop swaring it’s not good

suprememjfan - September 10, 2010

can i buy

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