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Ever wonder how many Nerf guns have hit store shelves? LOTS. Too many to list, but this video does a pretty good job of compiling a tiny fraction of the ones floating around out there. Recognize any?


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osama bin laden - March 1, 2012

hey you idiot, hoo arr uu? i m ta reel osama bin laden

awesome is me - December 30, 2011

Xtreme how do you know that they aren’t modded. Your so stupid you piece of crap.

jadarius - December 24, 2011

like them

osama bin laden - December 5, 2011

ak 47

x-treme sk8er - July 21, 2011

Shut Up Tom None of Them are Modded

Tom - October 21, 2009

no whre xtermin8r most of them are modded

xtermin8r - August 22, 2009

yeah were can u buy these awousome

bob - August 22, 2009

where do you get thous guns.

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