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5 Coolest Ways to Get a Kill in a Nerf War

Wildstar116 - August 14, 2011

6. Look at your “wounded” enemy and pull out a shotgun. End thier miserable life. 😀
7. Fight with nerf swords.
8. Vulcan. Own the enemy team with a Vulcan as they turn a corner.
9. Make a nerf-nade and finish them off.
10. End the day off by killing you and your enemys with a tactical nuke. You can never be too over rated.

jono - May 25, 2011

6. get a real desert eagle out of ur pocket and kill em all

big dawg - March 7, 2010

6. spray down nothen like unleashing a wave of darts at your opponent

Ray - March 6, 2010

Lol at 3.

ARK - March 5, 2010

6. long range, last dart.

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