In a recent battle between students and the Administration of University of Colorado, campus officials have decided that Nerf guns are a hazard and should be banned.

The use of simulated weapons on campus violates regent policy, said Molly Bosley, a spokeswoman for the CU Police Department. “Given the climate of what has happened in this country lately, we are taking precautions by banning the use of these simulated weapons on campus.

In light of the popular Nerf game Humans vs Zombies, many college campuses have been faced with disgruntled faculty and campus police, complaining that Nerf guns on campus are disrupting classes and creating hazardous conditions. More specifically, a campus faculty can be quoted saying:

The university doesn’t want to come across as a giant institutional killjoy, said Hilliard. But if a student has a Nerf gun in their pocket pants or coat, and only the handle is showing, a cop or a passerby wouldn’t know what it is.

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While this definitely could be seen as an issue, as campus shootings like the massacre at virgina tech have created quite the scare these days, does it still make a ban on something as harmless as Nerf guns right?

It is apparent that some level of security measures be taken on campuses, but one must ask, how far is too far?