When the Zombie Apocalypse comes, you don’t want to be left in the dust carrying around an oversized weapon. You need to be able to move freely and fire easily. Do you know what happens when someone has a weapon too large for their body that they are not able to wield in close combat? They become brain lunch for a pack of the hungry undead. With the Nerf Zombie Strike Fusefire though, you are able to defend yourself and best of all, the gun comes in a small enough size you not only can carry and fire it with one hand, but you can double your offensive capacity with a second Nerf Zombie Strike Fusefire at your disposal on the other hand.

The disc gun is the perfect addition in your anti-zombie arsenal, especially as this weapon is on the lesser end of the price spectrum. The Nerf Zombie Strike Fusefire is able to hold five glow-in-the-dark discs, or as you might learn to call them, tracer rounds. Every single disc you let fly reflects the light in the dark, so while you might not always be able to see the zombies and your enemies, you always know where you are shooting.

The disc storage compartment is built right into the front chamber of the disc gun, and it has a quick-load slot for on the fly reloading. After all, you are being chased by zombies. The last thing you want to do is end up on the ground, surrounding by an army of the living dead, only to realize you are out of ammunition and are not able to reload your disc gun quickly. The Nerf Zombie Strike Fusefire is going to have all of the firing specifics you need, and best of all, this gun is easy to carry and you are always able to have additional discs on hand beyond the five that come with the gun. There really is no limit to the amount of reloads you can have on hand. Best of all, the discs are incredibly accurate and more aero dynamic, so you can always hit what is coming at you.