Tactical airsoft survival games, paintball campaigns, Nerf wars. Nerf wars have been and still are widely popular. Amidst large groups trailing out to the woods or emptied buildings for airsoft leagues and companies geared toward running paintball parties, Nerf wars are humble in comparison. However, airsoft leagues take dedication and specialized zones for play and paintballing is expensive when you go into battle fully loaded. Nerf wars? Well, they can be held any where, any time.

5. Flash mobs are fun events where a large number of people will pick a spot, show up and pull off crazy antics. One group did just that at Chicago Millennium Park with a Nerf War that took place in front of the parks landmark “The Bean”. Attendance was expected to be upward of 200, but only a handful of people showed up to surprise everyone with an impromptu battle of the foam. Lines were drawn and darts went blazing for a few harried minutes before park security got involved.

4. Outside of flash mobs, the Nerf community is alive and well with groups, regular events and meet-ups occurring across the world. From dedicated teams to recreation centers in the States, people with a love for Nerf wars get together for fun. Recently in New York, the Massena Recreation Center held a Nerf War for kids 5-11 and the turn out was huge with over 60 kids and parents showing up. Aside from the massive free-for-all battle, they planned out escape challenges, speed rounds and games like capture the flag. The rec center deemed all adults as zombies and had an apocalypse setting for the kids to fight in – sadly none survived. The director of the Nerf War wants a bigger event next time and hopefully make it a regular group for members of the community.

3. Imagine you’re sitting at your office desk, typing away at some project, sending out emails or looking over paperwork and with one hand on the keyboard your other is hovering over your single shot Nerf gun. You’re waiting for the moment when Steve – with his perfect suit and tie combination and his employee of the month award – to pass your desk. When he does, bam! Steve’s quick on the draw and nails you before you get a shot off. That’s how most office Nerf Wars start off and no company does it better than Australian-based tech office Atlassian. The unique company already sports standing desks, a shoes optional policy and beer on tap. Atlassian’s fun work place atmosphere also consists of regular Nerf Wars when the overheads think everyone is taking their job too seriously.

2. Before 2010 we didn’t have a Guinness World Record for largest Nerf War. Washington University didn’t like that and set about planning a school-wide battle to take place. Freshman and Seniors against the Sophomores and Juniors. Faculty didn’t plan on the entire student body showing up, but with the promoting the school had accomplished along with Guinness officials overseeing the skirmish, no one wanted to miss out. Washington University was successful in grabbing the official Guinness World Record for Largest Nerf War with 468 recorded soldiers.

1. So what could be bigger than Washington University’s world record? Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa set out to crush the previous record by raising funds, contacting charities and even allying with TEDx to hold, to date, the largest Nerf War ever. 600 Nerf guns were handed out for an immense field battle held at night. With stadium lights illuminating the battlefield, the Drake students watched each other from their respective teams before the whistle was blown and all out war took place. On March 27th of 2015, Drake students set the time and place for history’s biggest Nerf War.