Can’t get enough Nerf? Looking for reviews, the latest news, or the coolest mods/customizations? What about the craziest Nerf action battles? You’re in luck, there’s plenty of YouTube channels that are all about Nerf guns that are sure to suit any demographic. More and more crop up by the day too, and while some get a boost by looking for the best site to buy YouTube comments from, others grow without any intervention. Both are great resources for anyone looking to get into this hobby, however!

We’ve gone and picked our top ten YouTube channels for hardcore and newbie Nerfers alike. There’s a little something in this list to please anyone. Show your support by liking and subscribing to their videos. Need their customization videos on the go? Just use a youtube converter to download it to your computer or phone. Don’t forget to hit the notification bell when you subscribe so that you get alerts for when they post an epic new video!

Without further ado, the best blaster vids in the land of the ‘Tube:

wazzup1207 nerf youtube channel


10. Wazzup1207 (
Can’t get enough unboxings of the latest tech gadgets? Now you can catch unboxings of the latest Nerf blasters, too! Wazzup1207 also offers reviews, range tests, and firing tests. And if you happen to be into other branded blasters (lesser than Nerf of course) such as Xshot, Buzzbee, Airzone, and Zing, you can find videos featuring them here.

basic nerf youtube channel

Basic Nerf

9. Basic Nerf (
The proprietor of this fine Nerf channel is known as Vigilante. His channel started out after his blog (of the same name) got so much attention that Nerf started sending him pre-release products to review! Once you get your jealously under control, head over to his channel to check ‘em out.

southern brisbane nerf youtube channel

Southern Brisbane Nerf

8. Southern Brisbane Nerf Club (
Hailing from the land down under (i.e. Australia), this club dedicated to all things Nerf has gained a worldwide following, boasting over 14,000 subscribers.

nerf socom reviews youtube channel

Nerf Socom Reviews

7. Nerf Socom Reviews (
With multiple channels, Nerf Socom is one of the biggest names in Nerf blaster YouTube channels. This channel focuses solely on their reviews while their other channels are dedicated to mods or their well-made entertainment videos.

king nerf youtube channel

King Nerf

6. King Nerf (
Run by a self-proclaimed seasoned Nerf modder – not to mention royalty – King Nerf provides his loyal subjects/followers with frequent uploads featuring reviews and mods. Be sure to keep and eye for views of his awesome “Nerf armory” complete with a ginormous peg board to store and display his larger collection of blasters.

nerf boy productions youtube channel

Nerf Boy Productions

5. NerfBoyProductions (
Offering up around 200(!)videos, NerfBoyProductions features a solid mix of reviews, mod guides, battles, and more. You’ll find everything Nerf that you could imagine here. And get this – their videos have chalked up almost 100 million views!

nerf socom youtube channel

Nerf Socom

4. Nerf Socom (
When you’re just looking for some fine quality Nerf-based entertainment, Nerf Socom is always a good bet. The production quality of their videos is darn impressive. And if you ever get tired of watching their entertainment videos, you can always head to their other channels for their reviews or customization videos.

drac nerf channel


3. LordDraconical (
If custom blasters are your thing, this channel is for you. LordDraconical – who boasts being “the one and only nerf vampire” – serves up not only a healthy dose of envy-inducing customizations, but a goodly number of fine reviews, too.

nerf socom mods youtube channel

Nerf Socom Mods

2. Nerf Socom Mods (
Another great custom/mod channel, this one from the fine folks of Nerf Socom. Their instructions videos are some of the best out there.

pdk films nerf channel

PDK Films

1. PDK Films (
With over half a million subscribers, PDK films is by far the most-followed Nerf channel on the ‘Tube. And with good reason – PDK is a veritable film studio, pumping out what are essentially short films (with plots and everything) featuring folks shooting Nerf blasters. Remember how you imagined yourself as part of a terrorist-hunting squad while playing with your blasters as a kid? Well, these folks have turned your fantasy into YouTube reality.