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Bored? Here’s 15 Nerf Gun Mods on Instructables.com For You to Try!

No matter who you are, Nerf guns can be a lot of fun. With these top 15 Nerf gun mods from Instructables.com, your Nerf gun battles and contests can be even more exciting.

instructables.com1. Nerf Vulcan Mod by ManaEnergyPotion
This Nerf Vulcan Mod allows a Nerf chain gun to fire approximately 500 rounds per minute. The mod increases the voltage to the firing motor and adds a round counter and a paint job.

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instructables.com2. Ultimate Style Nerf Mod by BrittLiv

This mod allows you to control the impact of Nerf darts by adjusting the motor speed. The speed is indicated by nine LEDs on the side of the gun, making it easy to use.

Via instructables.com

instructables.com3. Nerf Sledgefire Lever-Action Mod by Master-of-Hardcore

Designed for live action role play, this mode converts to lever action and adds an in-line clip.

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instructables.com4. District 9 Inspired Nerf Mod by monkeywork

Fans of The Hunger Games will love the Nerf mod inspired by District 9. It uses a Nerf Stampede and focuses on cosmetic changes.

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instructables.com5. Nerf Maverick Barrel Mod by maxmaz2

This mod is designed to allow the cylinder of a Nerf Maverick to come out farther. It is a simple four step mod.

Via instructables.com

instructables.com6. Vampire Hunting Gun Prop with UV Bullets by ewilhelm

Designed as a costume prop, this mod starts with a Nerf Maverick and adds UV bullets and a cartridge prop. The mod was inspired by the weapons in the movie Underworld.

Via instructables.com

instructables.com7. Nerf Double Nightfinder by Amigobot

Amigobot provides directions for turning 2 Nerf Nightfinders into one impressive weapon.

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instructables.com8. Nerf Maverick “Air Taser” for $25 by Radicaleddd

Those looking for an affordable Nerf mod can start with this air taser mod that allows a Nerf Maverick to fire a capacitor.

Via instructables.com

instructables.com9. Nerf Vulcan Modification Project by Zinventor

Zinventor provides guidance in this mod about how to create a fully automatic Nerf Vulcan EBF.

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instructables.com10. Nerf Gun Modification 101 by pinstripebob

This mod allows a Nerf CS-6 Longshot to fire up to approximately 100 feet.

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instructables.com11. Nerf Vulcan AC Power Mod by bogott

Removing the battery pack, this mod turns the Vulcan EBF-25 into a stationary assault weapon.

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instructables.com12. Semi Automatic Longshot Mod by Philysteak527

This incredible mod turns a simple Longshot into a semi automatic dart gun. Your enemies will cower in fear! It’s not easy to do, but if you have the time and ability then this one should be on your list.

Via instructables.com

instructables.com13. Nerf Eliminator Mod by dji435

This simple modification removes the air restrictor from a Nerf Eliminator gun.

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instructables.com14. Exploding Nerf Dart Mod by hammy478

Focused on Nerf darts, this mod shows you how to make Nerf darts that explode.

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instructables.com15. Semi-Automatic Nerf Nitron Mod by BrittLiv

This modification turns a nerf Nitron into a semi-automatic gun. The result is a lightweight weapon that’s easy to control.

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These 15 Nerf gun mods are just the start to your fun. You can brainstorm some of your own mods using these mods as inspiration, and let your own creativity be your guide.