The Wildshot is coming this fall 2013

When Nerf introduces their new Rebelle line of blasters for girls this fall, definitely keep an eye out for the Sweet Revenge Kit. It features the Rebelle Wildshot, a powerful, one-handed blaster, and comes with a hip holster that can hold extra darts, a set of matching glasses, and six collectible darts.

The Wildshot is built like a gunslinger’s revolver – it’s shaped like a sidearm and uses a hammer action to load the next dart. It can only shoot one dart at a time, but along with the holster it will be easy to feel like a cowgirl in the wild west, or even your favorite character on Firefly. It can fire over quite a range – up to sixty feet – because of a direct plunger system; this system had gone out of style when the reverse plunger system was introduced, but Nerf has brought it back to make sure the Wildshot and other Rebelle blasters have an impressive amount of power to hit even long-distance targets.

Nerf spent a couple years developing the Rebelle line especially for girls, and it’s readily apparent in its appearance. Its bright pink and orange are eye catching, but just like its startlingly strong power, its black handle and stylized wing designs along its body lend it a certain aspect that is both stylish and intimidating. The collectible darts that come with it are an nicely color-coordinated mix of decorated colors.

The Wildshot and the rest of the Rebelle line have been compared to Nerf’s N-Strike Elite line, which definitely puts them on the top shelf. Nerf found out in their research that quality performance was just as important to girls as an appearance that had been created for them, and that shows in the Wildshot’s ability to shoot a dart just as far as Nerf’s top of the line blasters. Another revolver-type blaster, the Hammershot Orange Cattle Pistol, will be coming out within the next year, but it is intended to appeal to a very different crowd with its bulky, rough appearance.

Stick with the Rebelle Wildshot – it’s sleeker, as powerful as any other blaster, and comes with great accessories!