11 options for the summer. Here they are ordered from cheapest to most expensive. Check ’em out.

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1. The Nerf Super Soaker Microburst Blaster offers a powerful burst in a small package.  Good up to 20 feet away, this quick fire, low-end squirt gun offers power, but will need to refill fairly often based on its size.  At $5.99, it’s a quick draw for a quick soaking!

2. Nerf’s Super Soaker Point Break is an air-pressure powered soaker that can nail your enemy up to 16 feet.  For a max soak job, pump the handle 15-20 times and let it fly! This $6.99, low-end piece will get the job done with force and precision!

3. Sometimes one shot is all you need and with Nerf’s Super Soaker Flash Blast, that is about all you will get before a reload is required.  But in terms of a one shot sneak attack, this 4 ounce water capacity soaker is your gun.  The low-end gun fires up to 25 feet but at $8.99, make sure your shot counts!

4. Tired of air-pressured, pump action? Well then the Nerf Super Soaker Electrostorm Blaster is your gun! This soaker runs on 4 AA batteries to empty its 15 ounce capacity holder.  Hold the trigger and it will shoot a consistent stream up to 25 feet for approximately 30 seconds, or until it’s empty.  The $9.99 low to mid-range soaker is a steady stream of wet fun!

5. Five times the soaking opportunity is just what Nerf’s Super Soaker Scatter Blast offers! This soaker gives you an impressive five stream nozzle that can hit your target up to 25 feet away. It’s powerful, pump-handle action also has a flip-up sight for precise aim and a tactical rail to help ready and steady your shot. At $9.99, this mid-range piece with a 22 ounce capacity is a soakers delight!

6. Ready to jump to that next level of squirt gun artistry? Then let Nerf’s Super Soaker Shotwave Blaster take you.  The Shotwave is a powerful, pump action blaster that will hit targets up to 25 feet.  This unique blaster is outfitted with one 10 ounce water clip with attachments that can clip to your belt for quick reloads.  The only thing to slow you down is the number of clips you can get on your belt.  At $14.99, with the additional clips selling for $3.99 a piece, your ability to load and then re-load will determine how good of a soaker you truly are!

7. Don’t care for the tiring pump action?  Well Nerf’s Super Soaker Thunderstorm is a muscle-saving, 4 AA battery operated, squirt gun that will send a stream of water to enemies up to 25 feet away. The Thunderstorm loads 10 ounce water clips (one clip is included with the Thunderstorm) and these $3.99 separately purchased attachments can be clipped to your belt, offering quick re-loads.  While not as powerful as your typical pump action, this $14.99 mid-range model is still sure to soak!

8. Up for a whirlwind of spinning, soaking action?  Then Nerf’s Super Soaker Tornado Strike is the perfect mid-range weapon.  This $19.99, pump action, powerful soaker offers a spinning barrel that shoots powerful, tornado-like streams of water at an enemy up to 20 feet away.  All this on just ONE PUMP! The Tornado has tactical rails and a detachable stock that can be adjusted for your specific reach. This soaker fills with 10 ounce water clips (one water clip comes with the tornado) but additional water clips can be purchased for $3.99.  Send a Tornado storm warning of wet fun in your enemies direction!!

9. You really want to cool off your friends or family? Nerf’s Super Soaker Arctic Shock Water Blaster has a 25 ounce water capacity that also can be filled with ice, the Ice Drum, which sends a chilly blast of water at your targets of up to 30 feet away. This pump action water blaster also has the ability to use other water clips from the Nerf Super Soaker catalog.  This is one of the top of the line models in the Nerf Super Soaker category and at $19.99, a cool price for a cool Arctic Shock of fun!

10. Another addition to the motorized soaker is Nerf’s Super Soaker Lightening Storm Blaster.  This beast of a Super Soaker boasts a 37 ounce water drum and will shoot targets up to 25 feet away when the required 4 AA batteries are in place.  A fun addition to this model is a blast shield, that helps deflects even the best shots your opponent can squirt in your direction.  Though this top of the line monster can be fairly heavy for the little ones when filled to its 37 ounce capacity, its $24.99 price tag isn’t too heavy for what this motorized, full-auto, Super Soaker can accomplish.

11. When it comes to super soaking, it is fun to have options.  This is why Nerf’s Super Soaker Switch Shot is the ultimate for those wet heads who can’t decide on just how they want to wet out their counterparts.  The Switch Shot allows for FOUR different ways of soaking your enemy.  Twist the knob and your choices include the JetStream, a single stream which shoots up to 30 feet.  Another twist gets you the Triple Shot, a three round stream that effectively reaches 25 feet.  One more twist will get you the Scttershot, a five stream blast which covers 25 feet.  A final twist of this beast and you will find the Atomizer.  This selection will fan out the shot 20 feet long by 6 feet wide allowing you to take out multiple enemies with one blast.  This top of the line seller has a 20 ounce water capacity which is held in a banana clip.  This multi-soaker comes in at $29.99, which given the many options you are afforded, is quite reasonable.  Now if one banana clip isn’t to your liking and you are in it for the ultimate drench, other banana clips can be added to your belt for $7.99.  This is the ultimate in Nerf Super Soakers and your family or friends will surely run for the hills when they see you toting this awesome squirt gun!!