When it comes to combat play in 2021, no brand is more iconic than NERF. NERF blasters and combat toys have been a staple in many children’s’ toy boxes since the 1970’s. Whether you are a young child or a kid trapped in an adult’s body, having the right toy arsenal can give you hours of fun. However, today’s toy market is filled with numerous brands, such as Dart Zone. With a great selection from both NERF and Dart Zone, it can be difficult to choose the right blaster.

In this comparison, I take a top-of-the-line blaster from each series to duke it out: the N-Strike Elite Demolisher vs. Dart Zone Scorpion.

NERF N-Strike Elite Demolisher 2-in-1 Blaster

NERF’s newest addition, the N-Strike Elite Demolisher 2-in-1 packs a lot of arsenal into a single blaster. Not only does it have a motorized dart blaster, but it also contains a pump action missile launcher.

This gives players the leg up in their battles. They can use a barrage of darts to take out enemies or a missile to sweep the playing field.

Either way, the versatility of the blaster allows players to strategize their combat and optimize their attack.

The design of the blaster is iconically NERF. Its orange body and realistic design makes combat play feel exciting.

This NERF N-Strike Elite Demolisher 2-IN-1 is usually on sale for under $50 at Amazon.



Dart Zone Scorpion (Super commando) Gatling Blaster

This Dart Zone Gatling Blaster includes some great features for unique play. It is designed to mimic a real gatling gun, playing realistic sound clips to make combat fun.


The gun uses an ammo belt that reloads automatically with every shot. The barrel even rotates, adding more realism and fun to the mix.

The motorized firing mechanism gives players some serious fire power to rain down darts on their enemies.

The menacing and fun design let’s the opposing force know that players are serious about play.

You can pick it up online this Dart Zone Scorpion (Super Commando) Blaster on Amazon.

Fire Power

When it comes to blasters, fire power is one of the most important features. Strong fire power will let players shoot their darts across greater distances, allowing them to have a leg up and more versatile play.


The NERF N-Strike Demolisher 2-in-1 Blaster has amazing fire power. The 10 darts can be fired up to 90 feet, allowing players to use a stealthier approach. They are fired with a motor, allowing players to focus on their aim. Furthermore, the 10 darts are contained on banana clips that can be quickly switched out. With multiple clips, players will have a serious advantage. The missiles are fired via pump action, giving players complete control of the force and distance of their attack. The blaster has integrated storage for missiles, ensuring that they are always on hand.

Dart Zone

The Dart Zone Scorpion (Super Commando) Gatling Blaster contains a belt of 20 darts. They too are fired with a motor, allowing players to focus on their aim and attack. However, Dart Zone does fall a bit behind NERF when it comes to fire power. The darts can only reach a distance of 70 feet. These darts can be fired in single shots or rapid succession to take out the competition. While it does contain a cool rotating barrel and realistic firing sounds, these features may become a hindrance. It doesn’t contain any extra fire power, such as NERF’s missiles.


Price is always a concern when purchasing a toy. In some cases, price directly reflects quality. NERF’s N-Strike Elite Demolisher comes in at the higher end of the price spectrum but usually on sale under $50 on Amazon. However, NERF’s historic line of blasters are known to last quite some time. Their superior build and design will ensure that players get years of enjoyment. The Dart Zone Scorpion (Super Commando) Gatling Blaster is a bit more economical. It costs roughly half of what NERF’s blaster costs, at only $35 on Amazon. That being said, it doesn’t include the features that NERF’s blaster contains.

Bottom Line?

When it comes down to features, design, and build, nothing compares to NERF. With NERF’s N-Strike Elite Demolisher 2-in-1 Blaster, players will have the best fire power in their hands. The versatility of the blaster allows players to eliminate the competition how they want. While Dart Zone’s blaster is a great contender, NERF’s blaster will surely out-fire the competition. However, the choice all depends on what players are looking for in their combat play.

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