So, you want to get your hands on some vintage Nerf guns like the classic Nerf Bow or Ballzooka? Here are some of the best places to look to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for.
nerf ballzooka

Garage Sales – You just never know what will pop up at a garage sale. To increase your chances, try hitting up one that is hosted by a family, especially one that is clearing out old toys that their now grown kids no longer play with.

2nd Hand Stores – Whatever they may be called in your area; Pawn shop, Thrift Store, Service Center, or Salvation Army, 2nd hand stores are great places to look older toys.

Craigslist – The largest internet classifieds. Since so many people sell their stuff on there, it might be worth a shot to search the local listings in your area. Try searching for broad terms like “old nerf, vintage nerf,” or “classic nerf,” to see if anything shows up. If there does happen to be a slew of listings, then resort to using more specific terms such as “old nerf guns.”

Forums – Nerf specific forums like Nerf Haven are a good place to look as well. Although most discussions at Nerf Haven turn into arguments about how to properly write rather than anything Nerf related, sometimes you can get lucky. Nonetheless, since it’s the largest Nerf forum, you should give it a try. Just beware of the trolls.

eBay – Always a great place to find old Nerf guns. As I am writing this, there are a couple up for sale right now. Often times they don’t even get bids, which means you can walk away with a couple vintage Nerf guns you paid a couple bucks for. You can find some up for sale on eBay here – Vintage Nerf Guns For Sale.

Where Should You Look First?

I recommend the first place you look is eBay, as it is less of a hassle and usually faster than going from store to store in you local area, or forum post to forum post on Nerf Haven. Sometimes you can get lucky at a garage sale or on Craigslist, but usually you have to wait and monitor listings – both of which take time. For those that are ready to buy now, hit up eBay, and start looking now.