The summer of 2011 brought more that scorching hot heat. Fans of Nerf know that the super soaker line has welcomed 5 or so new water guns released earlier this summer. Read on to see more.

Nerf Super Soaker Scatter BlastThis shotgun looking water gun comes with not one, but 5 nozzles for a shotgun like water blasting effect. I personally think that alone makes it one of the coolest super soakers out today, especially after considering it can shoot up to 25 feet. Can be bought for under $15, make our most favorite, and yet affordable water gun for 2011.

Nerf Super Soaker Point BreakWith 15-20 pumps the Point Break is ready to shoot. It’s one of the smaller pistols in the super soaker lineup, but comes with a price to match. Can be bought for under $15 dollars, and has an effective range of 16 feet.

Nerf Super Soaker Tornado StrikeAn assault-style water gun?! Yup. The Tornado Strike has some pretty interesting features. The first worth noting is the rotating barrel. This thing will literally spin as you shoot, creating a spiraled, double helix type spray. Other features worth noting is the detachable stock, and ability to attack the new innovative water clip, offering you an a cool new way to reload. 20 feet range, and a $20+ price tag.

Nerf Super Soaker Tornado StrikeSporting a look the Nerf Raider, the Hydro Cannon is certainly one of the larger releases this year in the 2011 line of super soakers. It also is one of the most powerful, as it is capable of hitting targets 35 feet away with 20 or so pumps. Mounted on the side is a detachable water shield, which can be used to deflect incoming shots. Price for this beast is just around $25.

Nerf Super Soaker ThunderstormLast on the list is the Thunderstorm. This is a pistol water gun capable of an impressive 25 foot range. Just like the Thunderstorm, it too uses the water clip system, however, it doesn’t require any pumping. No pumping you say? Yes, you do not have to pump it as it is a fully automatic motorized water gun! Too lazy to pump? This is the blaster for you!