Below are a list of cheat codes for the popular Wii game “Nerf N-Strike.”

To unlock the Goliathan Nitro Blaster enter code fiero2 this unlocks Goliathan Nitro. This is a blue gun with flames on it.

Other Nerf N-Strike Cheat Codes
To unlock Longshot Street- enter code Longst5
To unlock Magma Vulcan – enter code Magma3
To unlock Maverick Midnight – enter code Mavmiv7
To unlock Semperfire Ultra and Firefly Elite – enter code Cromo1, and heliox6
To unlock Semperfire Ultra – enter code Cromo
To unlock spartan NCS-12 – enter code Thisis12
To unlock Mercurio – enter code RSMERC9
To unlock Firefly Elite – enter code HELIOX6
To unlock Crusher SAD-G – enter code CRUSH14
To unlock Blackheart Vengeance – enter code BHDETA8

These are just a few of the cheats for Nerf N-Strike, more will be added later.