Be happy to be alive here and now, as 2009 and on will be a pivotal time in Nerfers lives everywhere.

Nerf has become something else in the past couple years. One thing I am amazed with is how Nerf guns have worked their way into corporate culture. More than ever nowadays companies are allowing cubicle battles to take place. A look down a dorm room hall is also a testament to how Nerf has grown over the years and stepped over conventional boundaries.

Nerf isn’t just for little kids anymore, that’s for sure, and as of June 2009 Nerf will once again become something more. Nerf Dart Tag World Championship June 26-27 of 2009 marks the beginning of a new concept for Nerf, it marks the beginning of the Nerf Dart Tag World Championship. This is a first time event open to anyone who signs up(still waiting for word on how to go about that). The competition will utilize Nerf’s dart tag blasters and dart tag vests. Could this be the beginning of a new breed of Nerf play?

There certainly is a mixed reaction among the Nerf community. Regular Nerfers seem to like the idea while die hard Nerf gun modders seem to hate it. You can find their reactions to this new event at Nerf Haven.