The N-Strike video game by Nerf is made exclusively for the Nintendo Wii. The Nerf game is a reworking of the classic arcade shooter in which the player shoots at moving targets on the screen. The game is solely for the Wii due to the Wii’s unique control system which allows players to hold the Wii-mote as they would an actual Nerf gun.
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Packaged with the Wii game itself comes with a gun holder for the Wii-mote which allows the Wii-mote to be triggered and held like a Nerf gun. In fact, the Nerf gun that comes with the Nerf N-Strike video game does fire Nerf darts and can be used separately. The Wii-mote can also be used to play the game without the Nerf part of the controller.

The game itself has a good number of Nerf guns that can be used in game. The levels are simple and the player only needs to follow the instructions in order to do well. The game play itself is fun and interesting with different levels that require different Nerf guns. Some of the many styles of Nerf guns available for use in the game include a Gatling gun and sniper rifles, and if you ever need more, just enter one of these N-Strike cheats.

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Coming back to N-Strike video game, it is, on one level, a repackaged arcade shooter for the home. On another level, it’s a chance to step into the virtual world of Nerf, which is a must for anyone out there with an interest in Nerf guns. It will no doubt prove popular and will surely end up in the Wii games category on so that gamers who prefer playing on PC’s can also enjoy it.

Nerf N-Strike Wii Game Trailer