Believe it or not, there are people out there that need help figuring out fun things to do with their Nerf blasters. For me, it is hard to not do everything with my Nerf blaster. That’s how fun it is!

Playing with these bad boys gives me the adrenaline rush that only online gaming free money can otherwise induce. If you ever saw the Simpsons episode where Homer got a gun, you can kind of get an idea of what I am like with my Nerf guns. Anyway, for those of you looking for fun game ideas of what to do with your blasters, check out the list below. Some of these Nerf gun games are more geared toward kids. Some are also great for adults.

nerf trampoline

Nerf battlefields do not get cooler than this.

  • Trampoline Fights – By adding a trampoline to your Nerf tag, you take things to a whole new level. If you want to ensure your kids’ safety, make sure you add a safety net to the trampoline. To do that, measure the trampoline circumference and order the necessary size of nets (you can find more information on how to measure a trampoline in this blog). Trmpoline nerfs gun fight is great target practice because you must hit a moving target. If you do not have a big trampoline, I recommend seeing if your town has gymnastics center open to the public. They typically have many large trampolines. For those who plan to buy one, you may want to explore some of the best cheap but good trampolines available instead of buying the first one you find.
  • Paint Darts – This is sort of a cross between paintball and a classic Nerf war. You will want to wear clothes that you do not care about and use a gun you do not mind ruining. Dip your darts in paint, and fire away at your friends.
  • Shoot the Dart on the Donkey – You know the game Pin the Tail on the Donkey that you play at kids parties. This is essentially the same thing, only you use a Nerf blaster. Good luck shooting blindfolded after you have spun around a bunch.
  • Helium Balloon Shoot – If you have helium balloons leftover from a party or if you are just motivated to go buy some, you can have an entertaining target practice. Weight the balloons to the ground, so they do not fly away, and shoot away!
  • Obstacle Course – Set up targets in a tough obstacle course that requires you to climb and crawl to get to the next checkpoint. Stop to hit targets with the Nerf blaster you carry through the course. You can score based on accuracy and speed.
  • night nerf war game

    Ready for a night nerf war

  • Night War – Use glow in the dark darts and glowsticks to play tag or any Nerf games. I would recommend being careful where you do this. You do not want to play where people are likely to get lost in the dark.
  • Dart Art – This one should probably take place outside, and again, only use a gun you do not mind ruining. Set up a large piece of paper or cardboard. Then, dip the darts in paint and shoot at the paper. I can assure you this is what Van Gogh would have done if they had Nerf back in his day.

These are my seven suggestions. What unique games do you like to play with your Nerf gun?