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New Nerf N-Force Weapons of 2011

The new Nerf N-Force products take the game to the next level. Plunge yourself and your friends into a world dominated by swordmastery and endless battle.

When you’re surrounded by enemies, you know you need the most powerful weapons available to hack, slash, and smash your way to victory. The new Nerf N-Force series of foam weapons let kids and adults battle out their medieval campaigns with safe and stunningly-rendered Nerf N-Force swords, axes, and maces.

With top quality grips, the swords fit into a variety of different hand sizes. They’re extremely durable and stay strong even after the toughest battles have passed. Bash, parry, and block without worrying about getting hurt or damaging the weapon.
nerf n force vantage

N Force Vantage Short Sword For Sale

The Nerf N-Force Vantage claymore is a two-handed sword wielded by ancient champions of justice and valor. With each swing, it shatters armor and leaves enemies running. Unleash a volley of mighty cleaves that scatter crowds. The sheer size of this blade makes it perfect for blocking incoming weapons. In expert hands, the N-Force Vantage is a force to be reckoned with.
nerf n force battlemaster mace

Nerf N-Force Battlemaster Mace Axe For Sale

The mighty Nerf N-Force Battlemaster Mace once hung from the backs of the mightiest warlords in history. This mace is stronger than any weapon known to man. It sacrifices speed for sheer power, sending other weapons flying as they attempt to defend against its might.
nerf n force vendetta

Nerf Vendetta For Sale

The Nerf N-Force Vendetta is double-bladed polestaff. Reaching over 4 feet in length, the Vendetta can deliver quick and relentless swipes. A dexterous wielder can send the blade into a blur, spinning it like a baton through their fingers as the long weapon sweeps through the air, knocking opponents weapons right out of their hands.
nerf n force stonewall and dagger

Nerf Stonewall Shield and Dagger For Sale

Players who want a strong defensive option should pick the Nerf N-Force Stonewall Shield and Dagger. The unyielding Stonewall shield will protect its wielder from even the strongest strikes from the Battlemaster Mace or the Vantage. Using a combination of defensive and offensive tactics, the wielder of the Stonewall can lead the charge, making quick dagger swipes at opponents as he holds his shield aloft, absorbing devastating hits from larger weapons as he remains unharmed.
nerf n force klaw hatchet

Nerf Klaw For Sale

The Nerf Klaw Hatchet is a short axe designed for maximum usability. Swing this terrifying weapon and hack through armor. Parry weapon strikes or dual wield the Nerf Klaw Hatchets to cleave and slice through enemies as waves of marauders flank your position. The Klaw Hatchet is a perfect weapon for agile Nerf players.

Combine these mighty weapons into an army of players. Take up arms against your opponents and steel yourselves with mettle and metal. Reenact ancient battles from medieval Europe or invent entirely new conflicts.

The N-Force melee weapons can be used in tournament play in some mixed Nerf battles. Instead of carrying a Nerf Maverick or another pistol for a sidearm, equip yourself with a short sword or a claymore. When you run out of ammunition, take up arms against your enemies and devastate their positions with the swing of a mace, axe, or sword. Hang a Klaw Hatchet from your belt in case of emergencies, then sneak through forest brush and rush a sniper, finishing him off with a few strokes of the axe.

Whatever you’re looking for, the Nerf N-Force melee weapons series are a perfect way to enhance your Nerf tournament. Plunge yourself into a medieval conflict or use the weapons as futuristic blades as you rush through the fields, dodging Nerf darts as you hack, slice, and crush your way to victory.

Parents and Nerf enthusiasts alike love the Nerf N-Force weapons for their durability, safe foam, and amazing design.

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