Nerf N-Strike Switch Shot EX-3 Blaster

A Multi Use Blaster – The Switch Shot The Switch Shot EX-3 Blaster has rave reviews from owners who claim that it is the best light gun/foam darter shooter on the market. What makes it so amazing is it comes fully equipped with working parts for that extra realistic “Nerf” touch. Regardless that it was […]

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Nerf Iron Man Magstrike N.R.F. Blaster

In your battle against your arch enemy, that evil that is your little brother or sister (coworker or hall resident), why not be supplied by Stark Industries and Iron Man himself! The Nerf Iron Man Magstrike N.R.F. 425 Blaster is a new generation of the Nerf MagStrike with the Iron Man touch. The Blaster comes […]

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Hasbro Nerf Tech Target

You can use the Nerf Tech Target game to work on your skills, or you can add a friend or a group, and have a friendly competition. The Nerf Tech Target system weighs less than four pounds, so it’s a great source of portable fun. The target works as an automatic electronic score keeper that […]

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Nerf N-Strike Video Game for Wii

The N-Strike video game by Nerf is made exclusively for the Nintendo Wii. The Nerf game is a reworking of the classic arcade shooter in which the player shoots at moving targets on the screen. The game is solely for the Wii due to the Wii’s unique control system which allows players to hold the […]

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Nerf N-Strike Disk Shot

The Nerf N-strike Disk Shot from Hasbro is a disk launcher that will help to build targeting skills. The foam disks load into the launcher and the Micro Darts load into the blaster. The wireless remote that attaches to the blaster allows control over when to launch the foam disks. Disks are launched at multiple […]

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Nerf N-Strike Secret Strike AS-1

You’ll Rock it in Your Pocket Nerf N-Strike Secret Strike AS-1 is Hasbro’s stealth unit and perfect for any Nerf assassin. It’s small size (6 x 1 x 6 inches) and light weight (7 ounces) make it easy to carry. It’s perfect for someone who wants something with both speed and accuracy. The air power […]

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Nerf Big Bad Bow and Arrow

A Nerf Bow and Arrow… Well… Kind of Are you looking to test your archery skills in your next Nerf battle? Then the Nerf Big Bad Bow was made for you. This Nerf bow is designed to look and feel like a real compound bow and works kind of like one. With the big bad […]

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