6- Add Tape to your nerf gun

Like the boundary lines in a video game, tape keeps your colors (the hero) from going rogue.

In this example our base color is black, and our accent color is green. In this step I show you how to spray on an accent color without messing up your base.

What you will learn in this step

  • How to tape around corners
  • How much tape to apply

What you need to get started

If you wish to have a two-tone colored blaster, you will need to tape off a boundary line to keep your secondary color from bleeding over.
When taping, use smaller bits of tape to work around rounder corners. As you apply, you don’t need to press too hard, the stuff sticks pretty easily with little force.

Do I have to tape everything?  

You do not need to tape everything that is not being painted. You only need to create a simple boundary of tape that will catch the rogue spray.

This video is sped up and shows the taping of the scope in preparation of applying the secondary color. You will see that I am using smaller bits to work around curved edges, and longer strips to create an extra shield for catching spray. Note that I do not press the tape down hard, but I am using my nails to make sure the edges closest to where I will be spraying are sealed.

Spray like you did your base and prime coat. Remember, short bursts for a more even coat! You can see the spray painting part in the next step –Accent Painting.

Taping tips

Tape off sections you want to apply your secondary color by creating a boundary of tape:

Use smaller bits of tape to work around round corners.

Lightly apply the tape, otherwise it will be hard to take off, and might pull off your base coat with it.

Use 1“ – 2” painters tape, either blue or green is preferred

Use scissors and or utility knife to cut precise shapes of what you want to mask

Don’t leave the tape on for too long after you’ve sprayed on your accent colors

Pull tape away from what you’ve just painted when you take it off (do this before the paint dries)