Chances are, you’ve done it.

Seen one of those viral pictures of an amazing painted blaster, and thought: HOW CAN ANYONE do THAT?! You then went on the hunt for more, and after the 20th pic or so your thought evolves into I HAVE to PAINT MINE.

From the looks of things, it seems everyone is doing this but you…

So, for doings sake you hit up youtube to find tutorials on how to do it yourself. Surely, if they did it, so can you! They must’ve learned how to do it somewhere, right? Someone must have shown them.

But, to your avail, the tutorials you found weren’t enough. They didn’t show all the finer details you craved. They didn’t show you how to make to make that cool decal or how to make it look like it was really, actually used in a battle.

And if one did it still didn’t answer all your burning questions.

So, you posted a question to ask the creative geniuses over on reddit for some of their best tips and waited eagerly for a helpful response.

Instead, your question got sacked and buried for unknown reasons. Clueless as to why you got such backlash, you posted again, trying to make sense of the madness.

Which gave you this:

Your desire to know the secret behind those epic paint-jobs got carried away and massacred by internet trolls. Not to mention, your soul left crushed. Faith in humanity lost.

Your painted blasters remain ill in comparison appearing more to come out of a coloring book than that post-apocalyptic video game you were shooting for.

Well, you don’t have to worry anymore –you’re in luck. I made something just for you.

If you want to learn how to paint your Nerf blaster… if you have you tried forums and web searches only to find vague explanations on how to do it the right way… then this course is for you. It acts as an introductory representation of the basics to painting a blaster the right way.

You’re lucky you found it!

No digging, no hassle. Everything you need to know to blast out paint-jobs like the one below is all right here.

Free Video Course

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Before we get into the guide, there are a couple things you should know. These things will help ground out your painting experience by giving you realistic expectations. The last thing you need is to deal with a massive amount of frustration because you weren’t able to make your blaster look like it came straight out of a video games.

But I know, I know you saw all the hugely viral paint-jobs talented folk like Nerfenstein, etc, or some other legendary propmaster out there cranked out over the weekend and now you want to do the same. It can’t be that hard, right?

The truth is those painters are true professionals with years of experience. Prop masters have an eye for detail, which shows in their work. To get to that level, the kind where you turn a $2 Maverick into a priceless work of science fiction, you need practice. Lots of it. To get that practice without losing your sanity, it’s important to recognize the level of experience you are at. Most that read this guide will be at the beginning stage. The beginning stage is at the bottom of the totem pole. It is the experimental stage. Why’s that? Well, anytime you tackle a new hobby or try something new, the experience itself becomes a testing ground for finding the things you like and don’t like.

While following the steps you might find you enjoy making blast damage, or you might find you enjoy accenting. You might find you hate using a dremel, or prefer a brush over a spray paint can.

Questions like do I enjoy this? Is this a hobby I could enjoy next week? Is this new thing my thing? tend to bubble up in our brains as we attempt new hobbies. When you encounter that, just try to remember you are learning, and that there are no mistakes when it comes to painting blasters just learning experiences.

This is why it’s so hard to find ONE common way to paint a blaster. Artsy types are stubborn, which is why if you ever looked up how to paint a blaster before you see a split between people that use brush on paints only, and people that use spray paints. In the end, it all boils down to preference.

So, enough sentiment. Grab that spray can and let’s paint a blaster!

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Why paint a blaster?

Toy dart guns are an awesome canvas for Sci-Fi oriented paint jobs which is one reason they are even used as props in TV shows and movies. One example is the show Terra Nova. Despite having a $20 million budget, the prop makers settled for spray painted Nerf N-Strike Longshots as prop weapons to be used in filming. Most viewers (other than NERF fans of course) had no idea that underneath the sleek, jet-black paint-jobs were orange and yellow toy dart guns.

I dare you to lookup pictures of them. They are pretty sweet, and if that doesn’t get you wanting to try your hand at it… then you might be on the wrong website!

Do I need to be Creative?

What if you are short on ideas for paint-jobs? If you haven’t got a clue what to paint, then getting started on your next paint-job will be difficult. One trick to finding inspiration is knowing the kinds genres of paint-jobs you can do, or by following a course. Here are some sci-fi sub-genres you could get inspiration from next. Dart guns already look futuristic, making them awesome candidates for that kind of paint-job.

  • Steampunk
  • Dieselpunk
  • or, Pick any Video Game!
  • or, how about just follow my tutorial?

The paint job in the tutorial I want to give you was inspired by sci fi video games like Halo. So it features a metallic base, with futuristic/military accents. If you want to paint that color scheme then I’ll link you to exactly what to buy.

The mashup. Some people are just too creative for their own good, and make us all look bad by systematically cranking out mashups like this.

Who knows though, maybe you too can craft designs like that. You won’t know till you try.

If you paint, you can use whatever colors you want. The best part about painting blasters is the endless possibilities for paint-jobs. Next time you try it, why not try out a different combination of colors to make something incredibly unique?

After the tips covered in this guide sink in, by all means, feel free to experiment. There are many unique painting styles that are particularly interesting. For instance, one painter has his own funky process for maker killer swirl designs!

The only limit here is your imagination!

Well, and if you can take the thing apart…

Which brings me to the final steps you’ll need to do before.

Paint a blaster you are comfortable putting back together – this is key here. Some blasters are difficult to take apart and put together. I picked the Recon, because not only is it cheap to buy used (on eBay), there are plenty of tutorials on taking it apart and putting it together.

Have your blaster disassembled– if you want a killer paint-job then you will need to take apart your blaster. To do this with the least amount of hassle, store your screws in a safe place like an empty yogurt cup. You will also want to have a visual guide to refer to when putting it back together, so take lots of pictures of your blasters internals as you disassemble it. When it comes time to putting it back together, having this visual guide will be invaluable!

That pretty much covers what I have time to tell you about today. Jump over here to start the course.