5- Add Base Coat to your nerf gun

Just like you have a primary blaster of choice, the base coat is your primary color of choice.

In this video you will see I did a black base coat on top of my primer coat. I did so using the same short bursts you saw in this video. I also put on a couple coats, just like you did with your primer.

What you will learn in this step

  • What a flat white base coat is good for
  • What a flat black base coat is good for

What you need to get started

  • Sandpaper
  • Flat white or flat black spray paint
  • Good lighting

In the video above you learned why it is important to choose your base coat color based on the type of appearance you want your paint job to have.

You will see that I have already applied the base coat onto most of the pieces. I used the same spraying style – short bursts — to apply it.

I show how to paint the tough spots on your blaster in more detail in the video.

Creating the look

  • For a metallic/realistic look, a flat black coat is best. For a more futuristic/sci-fi effect a white base coat works great. You can see the difference a white or black base coat provides in the video.
  • Use flat black spray paint for more realistic finish
  • Use flat white spray paint for a more futuristic finish
  • Spray on 2 light coats at the most
  • Make sure all pieces are completely covered
  • Make sure base coat is thoroughly dry before taping
  • I found that the flat black spray worked best for the kind of paint job I was going for. I grabbed some silver, green, and black spray paints for the top coat. The paint I used is Krylon Fusion, which I recommended earlier.

Now that you know the importance the color of your base coat has in creating a metallic effect, we can continue on!