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Nerf N-Strike Disk Shot

The Nerf N-strike Disk Shot from Hasbro is a disk launcher that will help to build targeting skills. The foam disks load into the launcher and the Micro Darts load into the blaster. The wireless remote that attaches to the blaster allows control over when to launch the foam disks. Disks are launched at multiple angles.

The launcher has two height settings and can be used to play three different games. For moving target practice, use the baster to knock moving targets out of the air. This can help in learning to shoot moving targets as well as increase your speed and accuracy over a distance.

The Nerf N-Strike Disk Shot comes with six Micro Darts and six disks. This is a fun game for anyone who wants to improve their target shooting skills. The use of the wireless remote makes this a fun toy that everyone will enjoy.

Ty - May 17, 2012

I have one of the nerf disk launcher things, but ive lost all the parts/excesories excpet the launch thing and the discs. What do I do. If theres nothing I can do where can I get a new one?

haritographer - February 20, 2012

i have an elemenet and a nitefinder , both modified and while the element may not be as powerful as the nitefinder it’s deffinately more powerful thqn any reverse plunger or fly wheel gun i have… i’ve modified them both and they reach 60+ ft…
and for the trolls i have a recon, rayven, raider, barricade, reflex, scret strike, deploy, spectre, vigilon, proton and the element + nitefinder….

Yeti - January 26, 2012

What’s so bad about the gun?! I love the Element EX-6, it’s one of the most powerful Blasters I own! It frequently shoots above where I aimed! And if you’re thinking I only own pathetic guns, here’s my NERF collection: 2 Reflexes,Recon, Raider, Maverick, Longstrike, 2 Scouts, Barricade, Spectre and of course, the awesome Element!

Hubba Bubba - January 7, 2012

You can order replacement parts from Hasbro.com.

Only part they don’t have is the arm in the back that holds the disks in place.

Just picked up one with 6 disks for $1.50 at a thrift store. Need to order a replacement power supply & the launch remote, but still a bargan for under $10 total.

Giving this one to a friend as we already have 2 (also purchsed at a thrift store).

Agreed to use a better gun. The newer disk shooters (IE:Praxis) are better as you don’t have to lead the target as much because the disk shooters are faster then the normal Nerf bullet guns.

ts20fan - May 10, 2011

Is Hasbro still making this? I have looked everywhere, but there’s still nothing.

me - December 30, 2010

just yous a difrent gun

Ben - September 12, 2010

i like the disk shooting in the air but not the gun

jack - May 8, 2010

i agree with sunar

sunar - May 8, 2010

the nerf disk shot is kind of boring and to be honest
i dont even know why its a nerf gun trainer.
my favorite nerf gun is the vulcan because it has 2 clips
and shoots 25 bullets and can be carried. its awsome.

boo - January 5, 2010

gun sucks

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