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Hasbro Nerf Atom Ball Blaster

NERF Atom Blaster – The Science of Fun! Tired of too much automatic NERFing? The NERF Atom Blaster let’s you power up your load-and-shoot skills for a very tidy price. The NERF Atom Blaster isn’t just another spin on NERF weaponry. It was designed as part of a Master’s degree project with some sound science […]

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Hasbro Nerf Reactor Ball Blaster

Your Basic Ball Blasting Nerf Gun The Nerf reactor blaster has all the power you need behind the 4 balls included, upgradeable to house 6 balls. Allow yourself to resort to your childish ways, or share in the fun with a child 6+. This is an easy Nerf gun to operate for kids of all […]

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Nerf Buzzsaw Ball Blaster

A Unique Ball Blaster From Nerf This Nerf ball blaster has a unique feature, one that probably gave it its name. Every time you pull the cocking arm back to chamber a ballistic ball a whirling noise can be heard. It sounds like a saw, but more specifically, one that spins (go figure, hehe). Why […]

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