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Nerf Hulk Abomination Blaster

Based on the popular Marvel comic book character, The Incredible Hulk, the Abomination Blaster is a massive 3-in-one Nerf gun combo that was made to bring down the toughest of opponents. The Abomination blaster features detachable Mega Missile Launcher and a Multi Dart Blaster to unleash the optimum firepower on your enemies!

The Nerf Hulk Abomination Blaster is modeled after the Nerf Unity Power System. With the firepower of the Mega Missile, you will shoot 12 inch long darts up to 60 feet away to obliterate your enemies. If you are caught off-guard and an opponent gets too close, then break out the Multi Dart Blaster to rapid-fire 6 projectiles directly at them. This semi-automatic blaster needs only one pump to fire off a round of projectiles that are sure to pepper the enemy. If you are looking for the ultimate Nerf gun package, then the Nerf Hulk Abomination Blaster is for you!

Frost - January 13, 2012

I DON’T THING IT’S THE BEST THE POWER UNITY SYSTEM IS THE same price and it comes with more. Ok 1 pistol but thats 1 more than your enemy and then you have a primary backup and secondary gun in your arsenal and then you can stick other guns on it like the recon and raider onto the side. in my opinion get the POWER UNITY SYSTEM looks cooler to

nerfproz - October 13, 2010

nope no scout aka sucks

Ben - September 27, 2010

just separate it all and you’ve got like 3 guns for your team

nerf assasin - July 29, 2010

pity I dose not come with the scout

Grant - June 12, 2010

This version is only 2 in 1
it doesn’t come with the scout/pistol

tyler - February 6, 2010

I need a bullet. model is Hulk Abomination. The bullet a need is a big bullet

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