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Clear Special Edition Nerf N-Strike Recon CS-6

The Recon CS-6 has become a staple in Nerf gun history. Of course, it hasn’t reached the level of success the N-Strike Maverick has achieved, but it still is a widely sought blaster. To commemorate this achievement, NERF is releasing (has released) a special edition version of it.

As you may have guessed, the clear N-Strike Recon, is a transparent version of the Recon CS-6. Aside the cool, clear looks, it has the same performance as its ancestor.

Because it is limited, it is simply a must have for any NERF aficionado. If you are going to buy it, be sure to get it before they run out. Otherwise you will be paying 3x the price (which many did after the clear maverick stopped appearing on shelves).

I personally think the clear and orange combination looks sweet. Much cooler than the normal recon. Of course, every clear nerf gun looks cool! What do you think, is this blaster a worthy addition to your nerf arsenal?

mathew pavlich - December 11, 2011

life is fun lol

Nerf problemfinder - June 20, 2011

I think the clear thing is stupid because if you put its parts on other guns it looks stupid.

Tom - January 2, 2011

I find with all 3 of my recons, they all have a slight jamming problem. I woulnd’t recommend for the novice nerfer but they’re fine for a more experienced one.

sonic nerf - December 15, 2010


HondoKneph - December 1, 2010

One of my favorite nerf gun. It’s accurate, strong, and plus it looks slick. I give it a 8/10. missing 2 because the stock of it is trouble some… looks better without it.

boo - November 20, 2010

How could it tear your skin off idiot

Tyxoimht - October 22, 2010

Where did you hear that? Not trying to be cynical just wondering.

Hector - October 18, 2010

The gun was recalled that it can tear your skin off!!!

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