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Clear Special Edition Nerf N-Strike Deploy CS-6

The Deploy CS-6 is new for 2010. It came out early in the year along with the Longstrike CS-6.

Both guns have been well received. The Longstrike is loved for its futuristic sniper style look, and the Deploy for its transformational ability. Only a couple blasters can transform like the Deploy; those blasters being apart of the popular Transformers toy line. Even then, the Transformers Blasters are not as practical as the Deploy.

This clear Nerf gun is set to be released later in 2010. It features all the same qualities and specifications as the normal Nerf N-Strike Deploy CS-6 that hit shelves earlier this year.

The release of the normal Deploy was met with great anticipation, the weeks before its release only caused even more excitement as leaked pictures and videos started appearing online. Apparently it was released earlier in other countries, which caused a first in line affect on eBay as those lucky few crossed country borders to sell their prizes off on home soil.

The same thing happened when the Raider came out, and even the new Longstrike. One can only imagine what will happen when all 5 transparent Nerf guns Hasbro plans on releasing, especially since they will be Limited Editions.

5 you may ask? Yes, aside from the Clear Deploy there will be 4 other clear ones coming out, but I digress, lets talk more about the Clear Deploy.

As I said, it has all the same features as the normal one. For those of you that don’t know what those features are, then look below:

  • Push button transformation
  • Integrated flashlight
  • Compatible with any clip in the N-Strike line
  • Hand rail that doubles as a site rail
  • Accepts N-Strike light scope, flip-up site, and any other Nerf site accessory
  • 2 clip areas for a carry strap

All of the above packed into a cool clear shell makes for a great Nerf gun. It is aesthetically pleasing, and a great addition to the arsenal.

Come later 2010 (probably during the summer), as the other 4 clear Nerf guns are released, you’ll get the chance to bring home the uniqueness of the Deploy in a cool, transparent look.

milk - February 6, 2011

i think i like the normal deploy more because it doesnt look like its a flashlight when its clear you can just tell its a gun.

ryan - December 18, 2010

I got this gun today.can anyone tell me how to remove the stupid gun catridge?pls pls pls!!!

HondoKneph - December 1, 2010

What is the average range of this gun? 30-35 ft?

severes snape - August 19, 2010

the night finder was awsome when I used it to kill dumbledore

sharko 2100 - August 12, 2010

10 days ago it was my bday and i got this for it. my brother bought the normal deploy

LOL - July 25, 2010

off the chain

Sam - July 9, 2010

thease are the best clear ones ever

Ben - June 5, 2010


WOW - March 21, 2010


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