Nerf Rebelle Strongheart Bow

Communicate with your allies in style while showcasing your inner warrior with the anxiously-awaited Nerf Rebelle Strongheart Bow blaster! One of the new additions to this fledgling dart blaster series, the bow creating all the buzz can fire as many as four darts, one after the other, without reloading for more nonstop action! The Strongheart […]

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Check out the Nerf N-Strike Elite SharpFire

The latest entry in Nerf’s beloved N-Strike Elite family is a fun one – using the latest in elite dart technology, capable of firing up to 75 feet at targets, while the overall design rounds it off with a little flavor of nostalgia. The new SharpFire is quite the intimidating blaster that will quickly give […]

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Nerf Rebelle Secrets and Spies Mini Mischief

Ever have the urge to start a war? Not an actual war. A Nerf war. You’re just looking for a fun break in between class or work, or just a break from stress. But you don’t have the supplies on hand to have a Nerf war? Well, with the Nerf Rebelle Secrets and Spies Mini […]

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Nerf N-Strike Elite CrossBolt

For those anticipating Nerf’s 2015 blasters, the Nerf N-strike Elite CrossBolt is sure to capture their attention. As an addition to Nerf’s popular blaster line, this one also features crossbow action, making it more of a hybrid. The Elite CrossBolt features a string that draws back and locks into place. When the trigger is pulled, […]

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Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega Cyclone Shock

Imagine being engaged in a house-wide Nerf war. Your machine gun seems to become bulky as you round the tight corners of your house. I’m sure many of you have been shot by friends and family while trying to get your machine gun up and ready to fire. If you had a pistol, things might […]

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Nerf N-Strike Elite SlingStrike

The Nerf N-Strike Elite SlingStrike is a new blaster gun that is set to be released by Hasbro in early 2015. The Elite SlingStrike has an ammo capacity of two Elite darts which are stored on the blaster’s arms. Users will be able to load the string with a dart and pull it back to […]

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Nerf Zombie Strike Clear Shot

Now available through Target, exclusively- this tactical blaster will be bundled with 4 darts and a scope. Here it is on their website. Currently they are running a buy 1 get the other for 50% off. Hit More Accurately with the NERF Zombie Strike Clear Shot When shooting NERF guns, players understand how important every […]

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Nerf Rebelle Messenger

Perfect for either a new initiate into the Nerf foam dart army or a seasoned veteran, the Nerf Rebelle Messenger blaster is a great addition to your combat toy arsenal. This one-handed pistol is part of the “Secrets and Spies” line. So not only does the Messenger fire accurate shots up to 75 feet, it […]

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Nerf Rebelle Diamondista

The NERF Rebelle Diamondista, part of the “Secrets and Spies” series, adds style and flair to the overwhelming NERF landscape. It’s a low-end, crossbow-like blaster, adorned with studs and glitter, that’s less about being intimidating and more about moving stealthily and looking good doing it. It features bow arms near the front of the dart […]

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  • Updated November 13, 2014
  • Rebelle

Nerf Rebelle Spylight

The Nerf Rebelle SpyLight is a model of blaster that falls solidly in the middle of the line when it comes to comparing price, range, capacity, and power. The SpyLight is a model of blaster that holds a respectable six shots per round of ammo. Its laser light sight to help aid in accuracy is […]

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