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Nerf N-Strike Rapid Fire AS-20

One Cool Nerf Gun

The Nerf Rapid Fire 20 is undoubtedly one of the cooler Nerf guns that Hasbro has made. The AS-20 is powered by pumping air into the gun. This air allows for rapid firing action. When set to auto fire the AS-20 gives the user the feel of a automatic weapon. Firing at about eight rounds per second, this gun will thrill the oldest of Nerf fans.

If being stealthy is what is called for, the slower speed gives the shooter accuracy, wherever they may aim. The Nerf Rapid Fire AS-20 holds up to 20 rounds in the chamber at one time. When released, the sound of the air coming from the chamber, only adds to the excitement of firing this automatic weapon.

For You?

This Nerf gun is quick and accurate enough for adults yet small enough to be fired by children as young as six. No matter what the battle may call for, the Nerf Rapid Fire AS-20 is the Nerf gun that will be ready to please.

Frost - February 29, 2012

I really want a new nerf gun and i don’t know which 1 2 get. the Rapid Fire or the Barrel Break

Frost - January 13, 2012

love this gun. i’ve been looking for a good gun for about 4 months and this is the one as most of my friends have either heavy guns like vucan or stampede or raiders and recons. i hav a recon and this it the 1 thing i need to boost my arsenal. i lov the retro design

Kyle - August 16, 2011

i got this gun awsome modded and hooked it to a massive air compressor omfg it shoots super fast and super far

Swible - June 13, 2011

Reload time is terrible, and the ammo is depleted in a second. But then again, once your out of ammo, proooobably no one is going to be left alive. If your assaulting a base, this weapon is perfect as a primary…..but make sure to have a secondary with you.

martiz - December 26, 2010

hmp you never seen a gun that is as good as the stampeed automatic rifle it is at it best moded and with the 35 bullet barral

Old_Timer - November 28, 2010

I love this gun. Got it for my 10 year old son but it was too hard for him to pump it up. Great rate of fire, but now my oldest son broke the pump handle. It is a flimsy handle but gonna try and fix it, if possible.

RC159570 - November 27, 2010

Slow to reload. If you can surrive all the darts this thing puts out. Then you can take them out because of the horrible reload time. I acually had a friend make a loader that hoald all 20 darts and you push it in and pull it out and all 20 darts are reloaded. It saves so much time and it makes this weapon a killer.

Hector - October 18, 2010

the gun is inaccurate, but good for close range combat

nick - August 25, 2010

i mean really, ambushing someone with this gun is just downright cruel…but funny as hell for the berson on the attacking end

NerfWarrior - August 20, 2010

this gun is a beast and will rip apart your opponents in a nerf war!!! its accuracy is not bad and its range is real good, too. like the magstrike, it has a rediculously high rate of fire, plus it holds 20 darts, so its nothing but instant death for the enenmy. it seems to work best with velcro darts. it really only has one drawback, however it is a very big one. it takes forever to reload, so it is highly suggested that u keep a sidearm with u at all times in conjuction with this gun.

bob - August 14, 2010

no fair ur cat took it all the way king nerf nerd

bob - August 14, 2010

awesome but dont talk as much u gave me a headache try to remember that for ur next video.

nerf assasin - August 2, 2010

this nerf gun is good in the open but if some one ducks behind somthing it is just going to fly over them

Qwert221 - July 26, 2010

This is a truly epic nerf gun! If I could have any nerf gun I wanted for free, I would definitely choose this one, even over the vulcan!

little kid - July 23, 2010

this gun takes a while to re load but once your out of bullets no one is going to be allowed.

sharko 2100 - July 21, 2010

Cheap in nerf battles. the chicken boy in battle made up a rule of no as20

RickRandy - July 12, 2010

hmm my only real gripe of this weapon is the unecessary
black plastic that covers the gun,but once removed, it feels less cumbersome. I have test fired both that and the older nerf wildfire, ranges the same un modded,but I wish the pump of the rapid fire was part of the main body rather than far below the gun, a more compact form factor would have made the gun much better.

some1 - June 26, 2010

very far, and this gun is very very very good, can spray at people.

yathiel - June 25, 2010

how far does it shoot

Ken - June 23, 2010

leave a response below

sharko 2100 - June 18, 2010

wat do u guys think is better rapid mode or single mode

Grant - June 12, 2010

Some guy hooked up a co2 tank to 1 of these

agrx - June 7, 2010

you wouldn’t even believe how good it is fully modded

new barrels alone makes it shoot incredibly far

Ben - June 5, 2010

I have this gun and let me tell you it evens the odds

Person - June 1, 2010

but its good

Person - June 1, 2010

uses up ammo 2 quickly

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