Nerf N-Strike Nite Finder EX-3

Nite Finder

A Pistol With a Built in Targeting Light – Sweet!

The n-strike Nite Finder EX-3 is the perfect pistol for night time play. Why? It comes with a bright red targeting light that can be easily turned off and on, and is easily visible during the night and pretty visible during the day. Kill the house lights and your ready to play, and the battlefield will be glowing with red beams of lights which project from the bottom of the Nite Finder Nerf gun.


With two slots for extra rounds on the bottom of the Nerf Nite Finder, and its overall light weight and easy targeting system, the Nite Finder is especially good for players that enjoy to take a sneakier approach when playing Nerf.

Priced at only $6, the Nite Finder is one of the more affordable Nerf guns out there.

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  1. NFA Trust

    I like the helpful information you provide to your articles. I’ll bookmark your blog and take a look at again here frequently. I am rather sure I’ll be told many new stuff proper here! Good luck for the next!

  2. Ebroks

    I think it’s great I have one of these and it is wicked it fires really well and with the dart if you want it to hurt take of the suction cap bit put in drawing pin instead and superglue it in there and hey presto just like being stung by a hornet only more painful especially if you mod it’s range.

  3. punk

    its good but the light gets old and dosent work and put buzz bee toy darts in it and it shoot like 61 feet far i didnt change it

  4. Savage_uk

    i wouldnt recommend this gun to anyone who just likes to plaster their enemys in darts, but its a good gun to have on you as a secondry or as a secrete weapon 4 if u get captured 2 help u escape!

  5. eh

    I used these two for about an hour, then they both stopped working. They cock but when the the trigger is pulled a strange noise occurs and the dark is not propelled. Not sure what is going on. Can anyone help?

  6. Cman100

    The light becomes so powerful if you put in two 3.7 volt batteries for $5 total on Amazon! It lets you spot anything in the light, and it is AMAZING in the dark!

  7. the nerf god

    sweet gun! When i shoot it, it goes like at least 30 feet! And I haven’t even modded it! I recomend this to whoever is looking for a small, lightweight, strong gun.
    also it is $10 and you can get it from kmart for whoever wants one.

  8. Jack

    my nite finder that a modded with rubber bands air restrictor removal and stretched spring shoots up to 100ft

  9. Dreadvenom

    I do unmodded nerf wars and this is my sidearm of choice. The accuracy is excellent.

  10. Rasumusu

    I will soon buy one, and to all you guys that say that it sucks! SHUT UP! the point of this gun is modding! you can mod it to go 100+ feet! just be creative! do you not like the look of the gun…? then change it! cut off the light and dart holder and you got a normal pistol look! And yes it doesn´t reload so fast, but if that is a problem for you, build a speed loader of pbc pipe and tape! you can even modd it in to a airsoft! IT´S A MODDING GUN!

  11. D

    To be perfectly honest, the Nite Finder sucks when you take it out of the box. The red light is not much help in most lighting conditions, the range is just OK, and the reloading time is slow. But, I figured that I might see what I could do about all of this.

    #1: get rid of the air restrictor and add a larger spring. It’s extremely easy to do and yields tremendous results. Originally, I was getting 20-25 feet out of my blue Nite Finder; but now I can get 60 feet at the proper angle and 30 feet straight with no curve. Also, the accuracy is WAY better. I can hit a 4″ target at 25 feet without difficulty and it’s possible to take someone out (if they are in the open) at 50+ feet.

    #2: add a real laser. OK, this one may require a little more tinkering than some people are willing to do, but it is a pretty sweet mod. There is a how-to video on youtube, I think. Anyway, it increases accuracy A LOT, even in daytime. Just be careful of people’s eyes!

    With these two mods (and maybe a cool paint job) you have an awesome backup weapon at your disposal. There’s really no way to combat the slow reload time, but that’s not really the point of this gun. This gun is for quick, super accurate sniper shots, or a last ditch defense that will save you from being attacked while trying to reload your clips/drum.

  12. Pierce2715

    This is a useless gun. Why it’s got a rating higher than a Reflex IX-1 is beyond me. I have reasons and rebutles as why it is effectivly useless.

    Appearance: It looks wrong. It is the most ugly pistol out of the Nerf range. The cocking mechanism maybe practical but it is flimsy and wrong. The Nite Light and dart holder underneath the barrel make the front look like a pug-dog that has had its face burnt with acid and reconstructed by a 3-year old (sorry dog lovers, scientists and 3-year old surgeons, it had to be said!). Any other Nerf gun looks better in pistol form whether it be the Longshot CS-6, the Recon CS-6 or the Reflex IX-1.

    Veratility: Like most N-Strikes, yes it does have a tactical rail, but it is futile! the gun already has a Nite Light that is useless and no barrels can be attached for further accuracy. This pistol is barely customizable to have an advantage.

    Firepower: What firepower does it have? Answer: None. The gun claims to shoot 35 feet, but even with arching; I got an average of 18 feet. The reloading rate is abissmal; from load to cock and trigger pull, most other Nerf guns will have you gunned down. The reliability may be decent but a trusty gun should be something that saves you, not a gun that has a 0% jamming tolerance.

    Practicality: This gun is yet again useless. The little Nite Light is claimed to revolutionise night time warefare and yes it does; it makes you an easy target. You’ll see the red dot fall on your shoulder before they can get a good shot off. With the lousy reload rate; if your friend’s using one, he’ll be gone. The single barrel is weak, most single barrel guns should pack a fair punch but this does nothing.

    Conclusion: The only people that should buy this are a rare breed: decoys. If your friend has one of these, the opposition will be over them and be slaying them with their guns but then you can move through with the real deals: Longshots, Stampedes and Mavericks. The only people that really want these are noobs or small children. For diehards, don’t even get this as a sidearm, look elsewhere people!

  13. person

    how much is a green one of these

  14. william

    I have the nite finder and I found the gun can only shot with it,s darts

  15. max

    I’ve made it hurl darts at over 60 feet. Very simple to modify and has a gigantic spring for such a small blaster. A belt for ammo completely refutes the need for a clip and regardless you’ll be launching darts accurately and farther than any big gun. Add to it a laser sight and a barrel MADE for Stefans, you’ve got yourself one hell of a one shot modifiable gun.

  16. deuel

    do you have any bigger nerf guns if so please leave a comment in my mail box

  17. RC159570

    it ok with good accuray, cheapness, and laser sight, but it could do with more that 3-rounds and the loader-handle

  18. Caleb

    I don’t know what you are doing wrong when you modified yours. I am a decent modder and I got mine to shoot 74 feet. Flat. It Is a great gun modded and stock.

  19. boo

    Hey this gun does not suck; it is 11 dollars, mine shoots 40-45 feet, it is very balanced [with the AA batteries], it is light, it is very very accurate [if you have a hand that isn't flailing around], it has a laser sight that is good in the dark and mine is not modded.
    It is quick.

    It does have low ammo capacity and the bullets do sometimes pop out but it is not a bad gun! anyone who disagrees will either have to face me or admit they are idiots

  20. Nerf Blasterz

    I find it a good blaster because every time you have to reload and go behind cover, which is fun. My nite finder shoots unnaturally hard and can easily make you blind more up to in hour if you get hit in the eye. It does work with streamlined darts and excels with whistler darts.

  21. HondoKneph

    You can only use streamline if you mod it right?

  22. Nerf dude from Brunei

    Hey, I think its a cool gun after modding…i mod mine and it shoot 40-55 feet…plus it can use streamline darts

  23. Hector

    the dart gun shoot far but the darts pop out and the compartment is stuck and i cant put batteries to shoot a laser out

  24. splofot

    I think the Nite Finder is cainda super. I mean like me and my bros ware playing in an old warehouse and it was like totally dark. Every team had like several different guns for everybody. Well most people took longshots or mavericks or reckons and stuff like that, I took 5 Nite Finders (two for me and 3 for if somebody else reconsiders:D). So while most people (there were 30 of us 10 in each team and the teams were red, blue, and yellow) Had no accuracy at all cause of the dark, I just ran around with my nicely aiming Nite Finder and was able to get 1209 kills in 5hours. It was like the best game eveer thanks to the Nite Finder, my first NERF gun

  25. KoNiiCalZz GuNZ

    I have a modded one that fires up to 54ft and holds 36 bullets altogether it cost me £3.50 to mod and it also has a new Paint Job – It’s reflective silver :)

  26. nerf king20

    it’s soooooooooooooooo hard to win a battle with this gun

  27. RickRandy

    simple,stable, accurate..mod it it is like the a newer generations modded lock and load.

  28. nerf assasin

    I modded mine and now I relises that I acccedentely switched a spring and now it shoots like two to 37 feet.

  29. sharko 2100

    i moded it to hold 10 darts

  30. sharko 2100

    mine shoots further than 30 ft when i simply range moded it

  31. Guy

    My nitefinder fires up to 30 feet respectively.(If you have a blue nitefinder, on the box it would say “fires up to 35 feet!”

  32. lol fish

    I agree but also disagree yes It holds a few bullets no it doesn’t stink but it haves a fu down sides because it doggy at reloading, it very heavy and I wish it had a powerful laser pointer but its a very good gun because its accurate and stable, fun to play with, the grip is brilliant and the thing that holds the darts is amazing!!!

  33. Person

    Why is this gun rated so high?

    It stinks. It holds so few bullets that battles become lame, 5-second skirmishes. Also, duel-wielding is difficult and impractical. Lastly, the gun is too weak to fire anything besides its own ammo. Despite its open-endedness, it is unable to fire streamline darts used in the recon or longshot.

    Of course, this weapon is very cheap, so that’s one good thing going for it.

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