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Nerf N-Strike Magstrike AS-10

The N-Strike Magstrike AS-10 is apart of NERF’s dart tag line. It is entirely air powered and will shoot a 10 round clip after being pumped.

An Impressively Fast Nerf Gun

The rate of fire of the Magstrike is impressive. The accuracy on the other hand isn’t, but with the volume of darts it sends flying through the air you will have a hard time NOT hitting your target.

Each Nerf Magstrike dart tag set costs around $30 and comes with the Magstrike blaster, 2 clips, a dart tag vest, eyewear, and 20 tagger micro darts.

Roy - January 29, 2014

I am trying to buy the clips (magazines) for this particular nerf gun, I need at least 4, please help.
I live in Queensland Australia.
Do I have to buy from overseas or is there a dealer in Australia that anyone knows of. Thanks

ts20fan - March 31, 2012

You cannot aim, this is a “spray and pray” gun. You duel-wielding these bad boys will send everyone running for cover! Once you are out of ammo, they WILL come out; better have your primary out to start picking them off.

This is used like the other 2 in this trio:
The Hornet
The Rapid Fire 20

Use them once, bring them to your base, then go with your primary. When you’re out of primary, pump these back up, slap another clip in ‘um and DOMINATE! Questions?

austin - February 12, 2012

i got it today and its shoots so far about 28-33 feet but hard to scope it scared the hell out of my dog it was funny

Tommy - December 21, 2011

I have so many nerf guns and I can’t choose my best. My best is either the Magstrike, the Vulcan, or the Stampede. Please reply and tell me what you think is my best because I am thinking about making a review of my best gun on youtube. So please reply!!!

    harry - May 25, 2012

    the best is the raider

Chase8 (; - August 8, 2011

This gun ; Is the shizzz ; I have it . i love it.. 🙂 But mine broke.. so.. i had to get a new one.

wicked.freak.guy - July 20, 2011

is it cheap and worth it for the money? because i brought these guns two big (single fire) guns for $25 in 1 pack.

can you make it shoot one by one?

dingleberry - May 10, 2011

should i get the magstrike because all my freinds are telling me to

Qwert221 - May 3, 2011

No matter what anyone says as 20 always beats magstrike, even if a n00b is using the 20

kyle - February 5, 2011

i had a nerf war with 8 friends i pulled this out and evreybody ran

The Jessanator - December 23, 2010

I think this gun is gud cos it fires very fast

abc - December 23, 2010

it is so cool if u pump it 25 tines it shoots 10 darts in one second

NerfWarrior - August 20, 2010

the magstrike is very fun to play with. if u have several magazines, then its an okay choice to use in a war. if u have 1 or 2 magazines, than ur probably screwed. the older magstrike is a relatively poor weapon to use in a nerf war, unless ur in a close range combat area. the new and improved magstrike that is exclusive at target is nothing short of awesome. its range is much, much better than the original and is not bad in a nerf war. the magstrike has a rediculously high rate of fire plus a real small 10 round clip, so it depletes your magazines really quickly. and when u try to fire in short bursts, the clip has a tendency to fall back down into the gun after it goes up, especially on the original one. it doesnt happen to the improved magstrike that much, though. reload times are lengthy (considering u have to pump it), so its a really good idea to keep a sidearm on u to protect u.

bob - August 14, 2010

that was awe GAY

deployman - August 9, 2010

this is the fastest shooting nerf gun

SNIPE KING - August 8, 2010

noobslaer117 how do u snipe with a machine gun

noobslaer117 - July 24, 2010

the magstrike is lloud but with 4 pumps you can snipe i rate it 5 out of 5

RickRandy - July 12, 2010

Good news, this gun is easy to load. sadly they should have a pack that has 2 mags. In is portatable and compact enough to be held by small hands and feels lighter than the nerf rapid fire,sadly the rails are rather redundant due to the clip advacing upwards blocking the view of any attachment like a scope or dot light. still a good gun,but maybe nerf could either mount the rails on the sides of the gun or have one where the clip moevs from left to right.

noobslaer117 - July 5, 2010

i love it also check me out on you tube noobslaer117 but any ways it is as fast as a raider and as small as a mavrick

eddy - June 22, 2010

its awsome

and i have the blue one

eddy - June 22, 2010

i agre whith nick it is kind of faster than the vulkin ebf-25.by the way you guys shoud get it becouse i think it was the first nerf gun to have a clip on top

boo - January 2, 2010

i hope not

boo - January 2, 2010

is it easy to doge

ARK - December 24, 2009

wow i fixed my gun. i guss i just had to take it apart and put it back five times 🙂

nick - October 14, 2009

id rather have two of those than a vulcan

Tim - September 14, 2009

This gun is awesome. One time I had a Nerf war with boxes and six friends until 2 in the morning in an empty room, and I pulled this out, sprayed, and scared the hell out of them.

Danny W. - August 26, 2009

This gun= THE BOMB! =)

Nutty - August 26, 2009

The Magstrike AS-10 is most likely the best nerf gun I’ve ever owned!

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